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There is a dramatic increase in ransomware attacks.   We receive notices that 10-15 organizations each day are getting attacked with ransomware, data exploits, malware and more.  Healthcare, financial institutions, education, retail, manufacturing organizations of all sizes are targeted. Promero partnered with leading security experts such as AT&T Cybersecurity, Secureworks, VMWare, SentinelOne, AlertLogic and Control Case to pool together a comprehensive portfolio of cyber experts in their own fields to provide a Security Operations Center as a Service and compliance audits such as HIPAA, PCI, DFARS, SOC2 and more. This collaboration is bundled as a 24/7 security monitoring service that is available to organizations at a fraction of the cost to procure cyber tools and resource internal security staff. Promero services cost less than than one full time employee.  Do you have a need for any of these services at your company? View Promero Managed Detection & Response  Contact Us.


The Top Brands To Get The Job Done Right!

Selecting a product or service can be a daunting task. Choosing the wrong one can potentially devastate a business. Going back to fix a bad choice is extremely expensive; and could negatively impact a business unit or possibly be a career ending decision. What is the solution? Answer: RESEARCH! Promero carefully researched and selected products based on 18+ years of first hand experience. We selected vendors that are recognized as the ‘best in the industry’ by leading research firm. Firms included Gartner, Forrester, Aberdeen and Ovum. We guarantee to provide an unbiased recommendation for a solution that best fits your requirements. We will deliver a solution only from vendors that provide first class customer support, have extensive development budgets and offer the most advanced future proof solutions. Don’t put your company at risk. Promero is unique in that it provides expertise in a single location that you might not find anywhere. We guarantee that you’ll save time and money. Do the research. If you are starting a new project, start with a free consultation with the Promero team.

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Companies are quickly leveraging artificial intelligent chatbots as a way to manage basic and moderately complex communication tasks that used to belong exclusively to the realm of human capabilities. Call Center Software of today must be omni-channel enabled so agents can handle all types of communications that a customer expects.  Facebook Messenger is a significant communication channel that every company must iintegrate social media with call center agents to provide a better customers experience.. Mobile applications should be integrated into the BOT channel to make communications easy and frictionless (no search and download the app). Communication channels supported by BOTs include email, chat, SMS, and voice. Chatbots are savvy. Their technology IQ ranges  from simple to advanced – they fall in a spectrum of  AI (artificial intelligence)  and natural language understanding. Examples of chatbots’ use cases typically are appointment setting, payments by text, order notifications,  ‘where’s my order?’,  ‘help me with my return’, ‘is the product in stock?’, product discovery, password resets, service announcements, marketing messages, promotional offers, post-call surveys, social media monitoring, FAQs and more.

Use BOTs for Call Deflection – Reduce Voice Traffic to Live Agents by up to 60%

BOTs can also  provide highly efficient call deflection.  An IVR/ITR customer service  BOT can  pivot voice calls from an IVR to a SMS Channel or self-service BOT on the website. These types of actions can reduce voice traffic to live agents by up to  60% . When the customer absolutely must speak to a live person, BOTs can transfer calls via PSTN (public switched telephone networks) to a company’s PBX or integrate the hand-off via SIP protocol for more cost effective transmittal.

In practical terms, BOTs allow businesses to increase their efficiency and reduce overhead. The reduction in staff for repetitive processes requiring support employees can be as much as 30%. Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence in the coming years is unarguably about to undergo massive changes in the work landscape.

Artificial Intelligence and ChatBots
The latest innovation in Call Center Software is the introduction of artificial intelligence through the inclusion of smart ChatBots. Promero is leading the way with AI and ChatBots. ChatBots are added to your company website and through machine learning that educates itself of all the important content details displayed on your website. A visitor interacts with the ChatBot, exactly like a visitor interacts with a live agent. When a visitor asks the ChatBot a question that it does not recognize, the visitor is transferred to a live agent. Promero professional services team will help the ChatBot learn answers to complex questions that are not readily visible on your company website. Artificial Intelligent ChatBots from Oracle Intelligent Bots,  IBM Watson Virtual Agent and Aspect CXP platforms improve customer satisfaction and reduce HR expenses. Promero sales team can discuss with you the many options that can integrate with your Call Center Software solution.

Deployment Options – Zero Capital Expense
Promero’s cloud call center software products include every feature needed to effectively run your call center while lowering your costs. Professional certified technicians, solutions architects and engineers are ready to support your call center software. With today’s delivery of cloud based software, there is no reason to invest in hardware or software solutions. Software support, upgrades, infrastructure maintenance, and cloud datacenter costs are all included in monthly license fees. Promero offers hosted call center software as well as premise based call center software with advanced features for any organization. Inbound call centers use our IVR, ACD, workforce management, speech analytics and advanced scripting. Outbound call centers use our predictive dialer with advanced capabilities and multi-channel communications.

Industry Specific Solutions
There are many solutions that provide for ‘out of the box’ industry specific solutions. Transform customer service and proactively deliver powerful effective service. Promero offers industry call center solutions for retail banking, mortgage lending, brokerage, insurance, healthcare providers and payers, retail, utilities, telecommunications, transportation, travel and hospitality, education and government.


Promero is not bound by singled source product or vendor. It has the unique ability to review, compare, evaluate and recommend the best software to meet your business needs and budget. Regardless of the product, Promero will assist you in your selection of the right call center software. Promero will be with you every step of the way. Your success is our most important goal.

Promero technicians are experts in call center software deployment, customization, management and training. Promero provides 24/7 around-the-clock customer support for your call center organization. The cloud data centers that host the call center solutions are provided by Equinix (formerly Verizon) NAP of the Americas, Equinix Signature Data centers and Flexential. Promero has provided hosted, cloud and premise call center software consultation, application hosting, managed services and software sales to Fortune’s Most Admired Companies as well as small to medium size businesses. Promero represents a wide variety of best in class software vendors.

12 KEY ADVANTAGES 12 Key Advantages of Promero’s Cloud Call Center Software Solutions

The flexibility of the cloud makes it easier than ever before to deploy a contact center solution that provides a world-class customer experience across self-service and agent-assisted channels. Promero’s reliable cloud delivery brings these benefits to you – and much more. The combination of our market-leading capabilities and history of contact center expertise puts Promero in a class by itself.

Take full advantage of innovative features unique to our cloud platforms, such as the ability to seamlessly connect mobile applications to the contact center and the integration of powerful, real-time workforce management tools. We give your business the competitive edge of remarkable customer experiences with these 12 distinguishing features.


December 16, 2020

Year In Review: Ransomware


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Promero provides 100% up-time of its cloud call center platform through its redundant cloud call center operations deployed in industry leading Equinix (formerly Verizon) NAP of the Americas datacenter, Equinix Signature datacenter and Flexential datacenter.

Promero includes 15 minute SLA response time to critical issues with same day or next day response to low priority requests. Unlike other providers, Promero’s scheduled maintenance of system applications has little or no effect on your operations.


Save Time and Money with Promero
Promero, an authorized reseller and hosting service provider of world class call center software since 2001, is the one-stop shop for customers seeking the best call center solutions. Promero typically provides up to 25% less on professional services hourly rates, up to 20% less on software solutions and up to 35% less on bundled call center solutions and hosting services. Promero will provide free consultation and assist in identifying the perfect call center solution for your business.

Cloud, Hosted or On-Premise
Promero offers call center software in a multitude of configurations: hosted call center software, cloud call center software or premise call center software. Promero’s world class call center software vendors provide a complete selection of inbound, outbound, and multi-channel solutions.