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Promero Pro Services: ChatBots for Facebook and Oracle Service Cloud

Operating Theories

  • “Automation is on the rise”
  • “Channel pivot will reduce tickets by up to 40%”
  • “Our customers want to text with us”
  • “Artificial intelligence can contribute to our communication strategy in new and impactful ways”
  • “Third-party integrations CRM integrations will enhance the customer experience”


Intelligent bots are computer programs that leverage artificial intelligence to enable natural conversations with people. The recent advancements in machine learning and the convergence of compute power and big data are bringing artificial intelligence into the mainstream. Intelligent bots will transform every facet of every industry and dramatically improve the customer experience. Oracle is committed to using this transformative technology to help our customers succeed.

By allowing customers the option to engage with you via the Facebook Messenger application, a significant number of customers can partake in a self-service experience on the channel of their preference. If required, they can also be connected to the customer support agents using Oracle Service Cloud for a text chat conversation which allows for higher agent concurrency, thus reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction. It couldn’t be more convenient for them.

Promero’s Rapid Setup plan is for small to medium-sized companies who need to be up and running with OMCe Intelligent Chatbots in a fast, cost effective manner. Promero will manage the Facebook Channel configuration and Live Agent setup to Oracle Service Cloud for you. Ask for a quote. Contact Us.


Rapid Setup Plan Elements

Promero understands the challenge associated with implementations. Promero provides services in accordance with its standard project methodology and deploys resources in such a way that clear and immediate value can be realized.

The methodology includes the following phases:

Kickoff / Project Management (PM):

PM Welcome Call: The PM Welcome Call is an introductory call to set the framework and attendees needed for the project kickoff.
Project Kickoff: The Project Kickoff will be used to introduce the team, understand the project background, define the overall deliverables, review assumptions and agree on how to work together effectively.

Design Workshop:

Design Workshop (DW): The DW is conducted to provide the Customer with an introductory understanding of the Project components and define the Chatbot flow resulting in the creation of a Functional Specification Document (FSD).


Implementation Services: Services are performed based on Rapid Setup procedures as defined in the FSD and a base line testing shall be conducted.


Go-Live Support: Promero shall place the Project into production. Promero will be available during the rollout for troubleshooting in accordance with the project deliverables.


The following are the Rapid Setup deliverables:

Channel Configuration:

1) Setup and configuration services to provide a connection between Facebook Messenger and an Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise (OMCe) Intelligent Chatbot for the use of sending and receiving text messages with customers. This service includes connecting a single Facebook Messenger instance to an existing OMCe Intelligent Chatbot.
2) Validation testing services
3) Documentation

Chatbot and Live Agent configuration:

1) OMCe Intelligent Chatbot configuration flow
2) Setup and configuration services to allow routing an OMCe Chatbot conversation to an Oracle Service Cloud chat agent seamlessly.
3) Validation testing services
4) Documentation


Validation testing services may require customer collaboration.
Customer must set up a Facebook Messenger page using standard Facebook APIs.
The success of this project may require decisions and interactions from Customer personnel as it relates to the configuration of Facebook Messenger.
English language only
The project will be developed, tested, and delivered in the Customer’s OMCe and Oracle Service Cloud environment as provided by Oracle.
Customer is responsible for Oracle Service Cloud instance setup and environment credentials