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UnderDefense enhance its presence and capabilities in compliance – more ISO27001 auditor certificates

Compliance is getting harder year to year

Organizations of all industries and sizes are facing more compliance regulations every year. Regulators no longer just accept that firms have done the right things on paper. Now, they are deeply engaged in not only the what, but the how and even more importantly the customer outcome generated. This is about the regulators not simply accepting a ”box-ticking” approach from companies.
ISO 27001 certification is usually the base on a roadmap and is critical for implementing all required security processes and protecting customer and employee information, brand image, or other private data. Then having ISO27001 businesses can easily earn any other compliance because it is a super spine for compliance.
To help more clients do their first step in compliance UnderDefense has certified two more of our engineers have got their certificates – ISO 27001 Lead Auditor.

ISO 27001 Assessment Report

[CLIENT] has requested that UnderDefense, as an independent and trusted Cyber Security partner, conducts an assessment and analysis of the current state of the information security program of the organization and its compliance with ISO 27001:2013 standard.

What is ISO 27001 and who should get the certification?

ISO 27001 certification is essential for a company if it wants to provide evidence or assure that organization’s most important data is protected from potential security threats like misuse, corruption, and loss. The ISO standard is the best solution to protect confidential information, follow industry regulations, exchange data safely, or minimize security risks.
Organizations in a great variety of sectors are certified to ISO 27001. The ISO standard is beneficial for different industries such as government organizations, financial services, IT companies, insurance groups, healthcare organizations, investment firms, telecoms, or other organizations that work with sensitive data.

Olexandr Tsyshenko

vCISO at UnderDefense

“The acquisition of Lead ISO/IEC 27001 Auditor Certification proves my skills and deep understanding not only of this particular certification but the compliance process as a whole. Our team deserves your trust in accomplishing your compliance goals. We will help you to evaluate the asset-related risks, prioritize them according to the framework, and do things that bring the most value for your business.”

How UnderDefense helps companies?

Understanding that ISO 27001 is a core certification and experiencing increasing demand from our customers, we are glad to announce that two more of our stuff got certified.
The value of this certification can’t be overrated as it includes a practical walk-through with the case-based studying. This helps our experts be even more precise and lead the internal audit the same way as the ultimate auditor would. Which means that all the gaps will be spotted and securely improved.
Under Defense has helped many customers achieve ISO 27001 certification by evaluating the asset-related risks, prioritize them according to the framework, and do things that bring the most value for a business with the help of implementation tools, training sessions, and other critical resources.

Anastasiia Hvozdarova

vCISO at UnderDefense

“I am eager to provide our clients with a certified opinion about their security posture. The preparation we went through with the case-based studying let us be even more precise and lead the internal audit likewise the ultimate auditor would. Meaning all the gaps will be spotted and securely improved.”