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Unified IP

Call Center Software Features

  • Magic Quadrant Leader
  • Complete Software Based Unified Platform
  • True Multi-Channel Seamless Interactions
  • Works with any PBX
  • Compliant Proactive Outreach Voice, Email or SMS
  • High Touch Customer Care
  • Informed Inbound Interactions
  • Best-Time-To-Call Predictive Dialing
  • Actionable Enterprise Intelligence
  • Superior Performance, Quality and Reliability
  • Extensive Quality Assurance Measures

Customer Case Studies




Alvaria (fka Aspect) Unified IP is a complete, software-based, unified platform for next-generation customer contact that delivers reliable performance in a highly available and scalable architecture. The solution simplifies and flexibly manages interactions, producing operational efficiency and cost savings. At the same time, it minimizes customer effort, providing a differentiated multi-channel, multi-choice customer experience across voice, email, web chat, IM and SMS. Promero maintains a certified staff of Aspect trained technicians and engineers. Promero can provide sales of Alvaria solutions as well as professional services to maintain your Alavaria  platform.

Promero can provide the personal attention not readily available from large corporations. If you are a small to medium size business and wish to review top brands software solutions, contact Promero for a free consultation.


Today’s outbound contact centers must overcome formidable day to day management and business challenges. There are constant pressures to increase revenue and customer satisfaction while balancing the realities of the bottom line. Aspect Unified IP – Predictive Dialing enables organizations to effectively execute on their collections, sales and telemarketing, and proactive customer service campaigns.

The product utilizes multiple dialing and advanced pacing options, campaign and call list management, all while providing industry-leading voice, modem, pager and answering machine detection. Aspect Unified IP uses your business rules to improve right party contacts, thereby improving collections and sales rates. Industry leading call progress detection allows you to maximize your agent’s productivity.


Alvaria SOCIAL

Aspect Social turns social media monologues into cost-effective, productive dialogues. Channel social service where it belongs – the next generation contact center – and apply contact center practices to social interactions. Listen, filter, categorize, prioritize and deliver social media contacts to the right call center agents that are qualified to provide quality customer service. Foster long-lasting customer loyalty that grows bottom line results.


Alvaia is described as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure World Wide report published by Gartner in 2012. So what does that mean? According to Gartner, leaders are high-viability vendors with broad portfolios, significant market shares, broad geographic coverage, a clear vision of how contact center needs will evolve and a proven track record of delivering contact center products.


They are well-positioned with their current product portfolio and likely to continue delivering leading products. Leaders do not necessarily offer a best-of-breed solution for every customer requirement. However, overall their products are strong and often have some exceptional capabilities. Additionally, leaders provide solutions that present relatively low risk.

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