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Get a Penetration Test for only $895. Get a Free Email Exposure Report.
You should know if your network is vulnerable.

How Many of Your Users’ Credentials are Compromised?

Network Level Penetration Testing

Promero conducts network scan for clients at a predefined interval. Once a service agreement is completed and appropriate IP addresses are captured, the system will be set up to perform scans every quarter upon verification that the same internet IP addresses are used.

Promero will further attempt to exploit any vulnerability found by the network scan to eliminate any false positives. This would be performed after any known vulnerabilities are mitigated.

Once you have completed the purchase of the Penetration Test, a Promero technician will contact you to set up the process.

Email Exposure Check Report

Many Emails can be exposed.

Many of the email addresses and identities of your organization are exposed on the internet and easy to find for cybercriminals. With that email attack surface, they can launch social engineering, spear phishing and ransomware attacks on your organization.

The Email Exposure Check report identifies the at-risk users in your organization by crawling business social media information and now thousands of breach databases.

First Stage

Does deep web searches to find any publicly available organizational data. This will show you what your organizational structure looks like to an attacker, which they can use to craft targeted spear phishing attacks

Second Stage

Finds any users that have had their account information exposed in any of several thousand breaches. These users are particularly at-risk because an attacker knows more about that user, up to and including their actual passwords!

Your Report

We will email you back a summary report PDF of the number of exposed emails, identities and risk levels found. You will also get a link to the full detailed report of actual users found, including breach name and if a password was exposed.

If money loss or data security is a concern for you, contact us.

Cybercrime and exploits are up 400%.  Attackers could be inside your cloud, data center, IoT and enterprise. It starts with a Pen Test. You need to know what you don’t know. You need to detect and stop threats BEFORE they cause damage. Promero will help you understand if your network is at risk of a breach or if you data is currently sold on the Dark Web.  Now is the time time to invest in Network Detection and Response (NDR) to find and stop threats that are inside your organization. Promero’s UnderDefense Security Services help you deploy faster, reduce security risks, and get the most out of your Cyber Security Strategies. We can provide security services as a managed service or help your IT Department become more secure with the latest technology and solutions.  We support you through every step of your journey, from formulating your cybersecurity strategy to deployment, ongoing policy refinement, continuous reporting, and risk assessment. Our experienced staff will guide you every step of the way.

Incident Detection and Response

Stop an intrusion before it causes damage. See, correlate, and detect more ― faster. Handle an incident properly to avoid bigger problems that can lead to a damaging data breach or system collapse. Detect and respond to an incident quickly with UnderDefense and let us help you minimize losses, mitigate exploited vulnerabilities, restore services and processes, and reduce the risks.

Penetration Testing

– Find the holes in your network and application;
– get a real world experience in dealing with an attack;
– train developers to make fewer mistakes;
– determine the feasibility of attack vectors;
Penetration testing that keeps pace with evolving attack surface. And the most important – see how well prepared your security team is to remediate the threat.

Cyber Security News


Advanced Threat Prevention

Get organized, analyzed and refined information about potential or current attacks that can threaten your organization and are relevant to your specific business. We’ll help you understand the risks of the most common and severe external threats that could do the most damage to your organization.

Virtual CISO

Work hand-in-hand with Promero’s Virtual CISO to set a sensible roadmap of security objectives that you can predictably work through over time. Expert security advisory service for businesses of all sizes.  Experts in managing security programs, our vCISO is ready to help build your security infrastructure and maintain the security processes that need constant management and improvement


Our Vulnerability Management processes include operations such as: checking for vulnerabilities; identifying, verifying, mitigating and patching the vulnerabilities. Get a risk based view of your entire attack surface so you can identify and prioritize vulnerabilities.  We analyze network scans and pen test results, firewall logs or vulnerability scan results of your organization to find anomalies and help you figure out how to prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited.

Security Landscape Assessments

Promero guides you to make smart security investments by prioritizing and focusing on the high-importance, high-payoff items. Demonstrate to your customers that security is important to you — to show that you care about them and their data. Having an independent third party to do your security assessments is your check and balance that your security controls and processes are in place and are, in fact, working.

Compliance and Regulations

Compliance starts with a complete understanding and maintaining compliance to any standard regardless of industry. Using a combination of automated network and computer data-gathering and responses to built-in online questions, this service will discover and report on every issues of non-compliance along with remediation plan to address what is discovered. .

Security Certifications