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December 30, 2020

Chenango County, NY; GenRx Pharmacy, City of Cornelia, GA hit with Ransomware

GenRx Pharmacy ransomware attack leads to HIPAA data breach disclosure.

GenRx Pharmacy, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based healthcare organization, has warned hundreds of thousands of patients over a potential data breach following a ransomware attack earlier this year.

In a recent security alert, the company said: “On September 28, 2020, the pharmacy found evidence of ransomware on its system and immediately began an investigation, including hiring independent information security and technology experts to assist with incident response and forensic investigation.

“Together with forensic experts, the pharmacy terminated the cybercriminals’ access to the pharmacy’s systems the same day… and confirmed that an unauthorized third party deployed the ransomware only one day before (September 27, 2020).”

Cornelia, GA hit with ransomware attack.

Chenango County Invests $200,000 In Response To Recent Ransomware Attack

CHENANGO COUNTY – The Chenango County Board of Supervisors recently approved $200,000 to cover the costs of new software after the county’s computers were affected by a ransomware attack.

Chenango County Clerk of the Board RC Woodford said the cyber attack happened on October 18, and while the attackers were requesting approximately $90,000, paying the ransom wasn’t an option.

Woodford said the $200,000 basically covers software upgrades including new Windows 365 software for all 400 of the county’s computers along with some equipment upgrades. He said the annual cost wouldn’t likely be that high.

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