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Prognosis for Call Center QA

Prognosis Skype for Business


  • Know that carrier and toll-freeservices are correctly provisioned.
  • Confirm cloud services areworking as expected to handle peak load.
  • Be confident IVR and self-serviceapplications are available, upand running.
  • Ensure host response times areacceptable.
  • Ensure availability of speechrecognition and text to speechservices.
  • Ensure failover/backup serversare up and ready to take traffic.
  • Be sure call intelligibility doesn’tdegrade at certain times of day.
  • Know your customer-facingtechnology is performing 24 x7.
  • Deliver the issue-free technologyexperiences you planned for yourcustomers.
  • Confirm transactions in yourunified queue are handledaccording to business rules.
  • Be confident there are enoughspeech recognition licenses whenall callers provide spoken inputs.
  • Know if host response timeover the WAN degrades undermaximum load.
  • Verify screen-pop data followsthe proper call path and arrivesat the agent workstation at thesame time as the call, even underload.
  • Confirm VoIP calls and therecordings necessary for agentmonitoring and coaching areintelligible at full load.
  • Confirm the fax back serversends the information requestedto the proper calling party.
  • Test that the hot standby system can handle a sharp wave incoming traffic that fills allchannels in 10 seconds.
  • Be confident the new orupgraded voice solution is readyfor real customers.

Having voice quality or dropped call issues? Does your IVR really handle 500 simultaneous calls?

Promero’s technical team members are experts with over 17 years in unified communications, VoIP networks, IVR call routing and customer experience platforms. If your firm is experiencing call quality issues, latency, jitter, dropped calls or performance degradation, we can help. We can provide software and services for VoIP testing, network end-point testing, IVR load testing and carrier testing. With Prognosis service, Promero can identify and mitigate your network and voice problems. Please contact us today for a free consultation.

Prognosis HeartBeat

Prognosis HeartBeat is cloud-based Testing as a Service for outside-in contact center experience management. Now you can understand the complete end to end customer experience as they interact with your technologies and be confident they have the experience you intended for them.

Prognosis HeartBeat bridges the gap between internal monitoring and actual end-to- end performance so you can understand the complete customer service experience.

The value of peace of mind

From the moment your customer makes a call, all the way through to the information presented to the agent in a screen pop, your contact center must always perform smoothly and reliably – end to end.
Whether it’s the interactions between customers and agents, or customers and self-service systems, availability and real time experience management with Prognosis HeartBeat is vital for customer satisfaction and retention.

Prognosis HeartBeat is cloud-based Testing as a Service that offers outside-in contact center quality management to give you peace of mind. You’ll have complete insight about the availability, performance and quality of service you’re delivering. And you don’t need to purchase hardware or software; we test without adding any products to your infrastructure.

Prognosis HeartBeat

Prognosis StressTest is a cloud-based load and performance testing service that gives you the insight you need to manage, tune and verify contact center performance. By testing IVR and contact center systems from the outside-in, Prognosis StressTest goes beyond component-level testing to reveal the customer perspective of system performance under real-world conditions.

Manage the risk of change

If you’re installing a new contact center solution or upgrading existing capabilities, you need to make sure your efforts deliver the best possible customer service experience and ROI. Prognosis StressTest gives you the insight to ensure all required facilities are provisioned and properly configured. You’ll know if rollover and hunting plans work as expected, and if you have enough speech recognition licenses in case every caller chooses to respond to a prompt verbally rather than with DTMF tones. Prognosis StressTest means you’ll have this insight before going live and gain the confidence that everything will perform as expected.

Customer Success

1,000+ enterprise organizations trust IR Prognosis as their monitoring and experience management IT partner.