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Automate agent performance improvement

CallMiner Coach makes it easier to monitor, understand and optimize agent performance at scale. By gaining deep understanding into agent and customer interactions, supervisors can identify performance trends, target behavior for guidance or reinforcement, and create a persistent culture of improvement. 


Reveal behavioral insight for every voice and text-based interaction with auto-scored focus that pinpoints the most impactful coaching moments. 


Effectively modify or encourage frontline behaviors with trackable agent notifications and audio snippet examples.  


Bi-directional communication and peer performance visibility encourages self-improvement and cultures of improvement via objective analysis.

Shape your brand experience and improve performance

Through data-supported evidence, CallMiner Coach empowers supervisors to focus on the areas that will drive both improved agent performance and customer experience. Objective auto-scored detail makes it easy to modify or encourage agent behavior with the confidence that can only come from understanding every voice and text-based interaction.

Off-load the burden of agent management to an automated system

Upgrade Service Quality

Enhance Agent Engagement

Improve Customer Experience

Ensure Compliance

Key Features


Unbiased evidence and data-driven analysis covering audio and text-based examples makes it easier and more powerful for supervisors to deliver feedback perceived as fair and authentic by agents.


Alerts for agent follow-up with thorough discussion threads encourages next-step urgency with supervisors, along with agent challenges that may be beyond their control.


Automated objective scoring reduces time required to find impactful coaching moments and increases time spent guiding and mentoring agents.

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