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Blended Voice and Chat

With blended voice and chat, including SMS and messaging apps, there’s no need to switch agents between channels. Agents can chat while talking on the phone, and vice versa, all from the Agent Desktop application. Moreover, they can accept any incoming interaction without having to make themselves ready separately for chat or voice. Important voice calls, however, may override chats.

During active chats, agents and supervisors can attach files, send and receive location information, monitor/record conversations, and save/share conversation transcripts—all while handling multiple chat interactions, voice calls, and email cases.

To help agents stay on track when working on multiple interactions simultaneously, the Agent Desktop remembers where you left off in a conversation, placing all active chats at the top of the Active Communications List.

Salesforce Data Access

Our powerful scenario engine and integrated bots use Salesforce data for identification, customer prioritization and differentiation, and self-service.

Scenarios are what define how interactions are processed and automated. In our intuitive Scenario Builder application, system administrators can quickly build intricate workflows with drag-and-drop ease, utilizing the Salesforce database to get accurate identification, self-service options, and automated services.

In-Context Tickets with Activity History

Quickly learn the context of past conversations with activity history, which saves and updates all call recordings, activities, notes, and data in real-time. When viewing records, agents see all the activity history associated with a contact. Having all information front and center helps agents to work on interactions in context, and learn more about a contact’s previous issues or conversations, all while on a chat or call.

Screen Pop

Our contact center solution uses a powerful Scenario Builder application to utilize Salesforce data in intricate workflows called scenarios, which automate the processing of screen pops, data search, and more. Scenarios are programmed to “pop” Salesforce data, records, or contact details to an agent’s screen when an interaction with a customer begins.

Screen pop helps agents to view useful information about records, cases, and contacts in their context. If this is not the first time connecting to a contact, agents can also scroll through the activity history of the contact, learning more about the contact’s previous questions and conversation subjects.


Blended voice and chat helps customers and agents interact on all channels
Integration uses Salesforce data to facilitate identification, customer prioritization and differentiation, and self-service
Easily view all interaction activities, contact information, internal notes, and call recordings for each contact in activity history
Screen pop webpages and records to agents on a call or chat, providing context for the customer’s conversation

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