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Drive better outcomes with real-time guidance

CallMiner Alert automatically notifies agents or supervisors based on customer interaction indicators. Customer behaviors are uncovered and used to drive action while a call is in progress to alter the course of an interaction and improve outcomes.

Always-ready guidance for agents at the most crucial moments


Optimize agent engagement by triggering immediate attention and next-best action based on the most impactful customer indicators with automatic data-driven intelligence. 


Supports more than 100,000 simultaneous multichannel interactions without any storage requirements for insights, trend analysis and other reporting benefits.   


Self-configuration make it easy to establish alert thresholds, and modify notifications based on changing conversational topics or specific customer indicators. 

Real-time intelligence for proactive agility

CallMiner Alert delivers a level of proactivity that improves customer and agent experience. Dynamic insights help drive action to reduce customer issue escalations, resolve potential compliance risks, and recover from a negative customer interaction in real time.

Drive specific outcomes or alert management to issues in the moment

In-the-Moment CX Intervention

Optimize Agent Performance

Ensure Compliance & Mitigate Risk

Key Features

Alerts by Category

Automated categorization allows for alert types customized for each kind of call to improve efficacy.

API-Driven Power

Integrate with existing agent desktops, CRM platforms, and other live monitoring applications.

Expands Across the Platform

Integrate with Eureka Coach to monitor real-time alerts in the interface and with Eureka Analyze for post-contact analysis using AI-powered scoring of transcribed audio.

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