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Oracle Digital Assistant versus the ‘Big 5’ Tech Giants

Why is Oracle Digital Assistant better than the Big 5 (Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, IBM) Tech Giants? Because Oracle Digital Assistant is the only platform that has everything that customers need to build a chatbot with channel integration, dialog flow, AI engine, integration and an easy to use Bot builder UI that brings this all together. Not only does Oracle Digital Assistant integrate with backend and 3rd party systems, it also integrates to call center software. As an integrated feature of Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise, Oracle Digital Assistant benefits from the rich analytics and actionable insights provided by the platform. It provides a central dashboard from which you can gain insights into Multi-Channel user adoption across mobile, bots & web. For the first time you will be able to answer questions like – ‘Which channel is being used the most’, ‘What use cases are more popular as interactions in Mobile vs Bots’ The value of the Bot is to surface up data intelligently to the end users. Promero’s development team create modules that can be invoked during the dialog flow to fetch information or perform transactions through your APIs to your backend systems.

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