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Redact recorded audio, text interactions, chat, email and data files

Many contact centers are required to keep audio and text-based communication data. In these repositories, personal information is at risk due to lack of redaction or manual pause-and-resume recording failures. CallMiner Redact ensures companies can meet security and compliance standards by automatically removing sensitive numerical data. Integrates with leading CRM, Call Center and PBX platforms.  Explore your unlimited options for bi-directional integration to any third-party app using our open API. 

Sensitive Data Removal

Sophisticated redaction algorithms accurately identify and remove sensitive numeric data, replacing it with “Redacted” in transcript text and with a silence block in call audio, minimizing risk.


Standard redaction is triggered when two or more numbers are found in sequence. CallMiner Redact can also remove numerical data found in a sequence around a key word, for example redacting a credit card number, but maintaining product pricing.


In addition to audio and transcription data, CallMiner Redact eliminates sensitive numeric data from text-based communications such as chats, SMS, and social media.

Gain insights from customer conversations with less exposure

Safely store and share audio and transcription data for audit purposes, as well as for mining historical data for interaction insights and agent training, without worrying about security risks.

Extract the value of conversation analytics
without exposing private
customer information

Labeled and Secure Redaction

Customer Protection

Audit-Proof Compliance

Key Features


Proven algorithms deliver security and confidence for audio and text-based data redaction.


Exclude non-sensitive number data, such as dollar values, phone numbers, or dates from redaction.


Contributes toward security compliance standards such as PCI sensitive data at rest, as well as HIPAA and other PII requirements.


Redact across 10+ languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Mandarin.


Adapt to changing and growing needs with cloud-based infrastructure.

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