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Chatbot Services for Contact Centers

Operating Theories

  • “Automation is on the rise”
  • “Channel pivot will reduce tickets by up to 40%”
  • “Our customers want to text with us”
  • “Artificial intelligence can contribute to our communication strategy in new and impactful ways”
  • “Third-party integrations CRM integrations will enhance the customer experience”


Intelligent bots are computer programs that leverage artificial intelligence to enable natural conversations with people. The recent advancements in machine learning and the convergence of compute power and big data are bringing artificial intelligence into the mainstream. Intelligent bots will transform every facet of every industry and dramatically improve the customer experience. Oracle is committed to using this transformative technology to help our customers succeed.

User Experience Comes First

“The user is the center of the experience”
Promero recommends that any communication system incorporates user-centric contact management into its core. Identifying the customer is at the core of providing delightful experiences.

“User experiences are only as good as the designer”
Every user experience (UX) is designed by someone. The skill of that person will ultimately determine if users have a good or bad experience. In addition, all software-related project requirements will change frequently and often. Future requirements are generally unknown and will change as usage and user expectations are explored. In all circumstances, user adoption is critical to project success. Knowing that not everyone has a background in user experience (UX) and contact center/unified communications, Promero can assist in defining requirements from the ground up to help customers that don’t have extensive UX knowledge still craft good experiences.

Engagement and Services Overview

While the self-service nature of the OMCe platform will enable customer to be ‘hands-on’ with the experience design, creation, integration, and deployment of these experiences, Promero experts with diverse unified communications and UX expertise are available to offer industry perspective and best practices to compliment your team. And if so desired, Promero can own the solution design in its entirety.

Analyst workshop – The purpose of the workshop is to define and document the success criteria, goals, experience, tools, integrations, and timelines for how these capabilities will best incorporate into the communication experiences that customers and prospects have with customer support personnel and automated transactions. With information from the workshop and other discovery sessions, Promero may lead the team in a brainstorm of how these applications can create an experience that works seamlessly with other forms of customer communication and align to clearly defined business goals. Finally, we will take this experience and fold it into a roadmap of how it can be rolled out.

Topics may include the following:

Chatbot customer experience / contact center use case (current / future)
Interfaces with other systems e.g. CRM, back office, etc. (current / future)
Contact center technology requirements (current / future)
Current ACD and telephony platforms
Quality Management and speech analytics
Customer experience goals
Current challenges
Key success metrics

Chatbot Use Case Feasibility Study – Assist customers in determining the suitability of using conversational UI by identifying repetitive procedures, processes that require engaging expensive resources, determining workflows that are easy to control and consume via conversation, etc. In addition, Promero can assist in assessing viability by examining complexity of rules, data availability (e.g. transcripts of human dialogue for pattern recognition or a database of common questions and their answers), technology compatibility (e.g. ease of integration with company systems or databases via existing APIs), etc.

User Experience Planning – Talk with users and understand their needs and goals. Develop personas if desired or translate those user goals to experience maps.

Experience Mapping – Design out the steps and logic for each experience and create user stories.

Launch Workshops – Launch workshops involve discussions that outline the goals, requirements, dependencies, deliverables, and timelines that will be used to define customer Proof of Concepts, Pilots, and/or Launch. Promero will create a custom launch document that will be iterated on collaboratively in order to ensure alignment between

Timeline (Variable Length Engagements on a fixed price or T&M basis