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Mission control for your conversation analytics

CallMiner Analyze is the customizable dashboard for your CallMiner Eureka platform. AI makes it easier for organizations to automatically score 100% of calls, chats, email and other text-based interactions, and to identify the most impactful insight for business improvement.

Every interaction processed into business intelligence


Speaker-separated text from speech with auto redaction for sensitive information.


Search, share, and discover right in one place.


Automated metrics that track performance and emotion over the customer journey.

Take the ambiguity out of decision-making

CallMiner Analyze empowers businesses to produce and understand insights in the form of an executive summary derived from every customer interaction at scale. The effects of any changes and enterprise-wide impact will be visible through the system as well.

Leverage insights for even more value with

Omnichannel Expansion

AI Innovation

Company-Wide Sharing

Key Features

Omnichannel Analytics

Track text and voice interactions – as well as generate insights – across multiple channels in the customer journey.

AI-Driven Search

Leverage AI-driven search suggestions to enhance search, category building, and alerts – enabling insight and action across omnichannel customer interactions.

Free Form Search

Find and retrieve voice and text-based conversations using keywords, phrases, acoustic measures and metadata, using flexible query language with wildcards and contextual timing

Organic Discovery

Discover potential issues using word clouds, topic clusters, and frequency maps.

Customer Journey

Gain visibility into customer experience across web, chat, social media, and telephony, mapped against customer satisfaction scores and other customizable metrics.

Contact Detail View

Playback calls, add comments, and read text-based interactions.

Agent Performance

Gain visibility into individual and aggregate agent performance through score comparisons and heat maps.

Robust API included

Integrate with external business apps with the always-open API and 100% data ownership.

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