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Incident Response &
Ransomware Data Recovery Services

Experiencing a cyber attack?
We’ll help you detect, respond, and recover faster!

During downtime, business is suffering every minute. With our incident response services,
you can investigate, remediate, and get back to normal business operations faster

Which incident type did you face?

The motivation behind cyber attacks matters

Identifying the motive of the breach is crucial when dealing with an incident. This helps resolve the breach quickly and minimize the damage, and that is why UnderDefense investigates each case with accuracy and a personal touch.


Financially Motivated Crime

Most cyber attacks are financially motivated. This type includes payment card theft, cyber extortion, ransomware, etc.


Intellectual Property Theft

This means robbing people or companies of their ideas, inventions, and creative expressions – everything from trade secrets and proprietary products to movies, music, and software.


Data Breach & Personal Information Theft

A data breach is the unauthorized release of secure or confidential data. It may involve personal health information (PHI) and personally identifiable information (PII).


Destructive Attacks

These kinds of attacks intend to disrupt a company, reduce its productivity, or shut down its operations altogether, leading to colossal losses.

DDoS, Ransomware, Defece

Experiencing a cyber attack?

Get immediate assistance from our cybersecurity experts in case of an incident

How we ensure incident management for our clients

The incident response team at UnderDefense instantly reacts to a cyber attack. We put every effort into bringing your services back to normal and minimizing the damage caused, including data loss, resource abuse, and the loss of customer trust.


Benefits of Incident Response Service


Cost-effective service

Getting your business back to normal operations is our first priority. And with a combination of our high-quality and cost-effective service, it’s a perfect match.


Superior Forensic expertise

Our forensic experts with 10+ years of hands-on experience in DFIR field will assess your infrastructure after a cyber attack, providing the necessary information and all ANSWERS about the source of attack.


Speed of remediation

We investigate incidents and launch a response within days or even hours after cyber attacks to help you resume business activities quickly.


It is vital to have a clear incident response preparedness plan for an emergency situation like cyberattacks. A good plan will minimize the damage and help recover quickly. We will prepare you for the fight with cyber threats or malefactors.



We’ll support you with incident management throughout the incident response lifecycle – preparation, identification, containment, recovery, lessons learned, and security hardening.


If you’ve fallen victim to a cybersecurity attack, UnderDefense will help you resolve an incident, guide you through all the steps of security incident response procedure and minimize the damage it caused.


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Incident Forensics and Response

The team of incident responders at UnderDefense instantly reacts to a cyber attack. We put every effort into bringing your services back to normal and minimizing the damage caused, including data loss, resource abuse, and the loss of customer trust.


Agile & Innovative

Being one of the most innovative cyber incident response companies, we start working a case within hours to help you remediate after a security incident

Expertise and tools

We have experience working with industry-leading software like Splunk, Azure Sentinel, or Radar, as well as any tools our clients are using

24/7 Threat Hunting & IR

Our cyber security incident response team will help you detect potential attacks and quickly recover from those you’ve been exposed to

Custom Approach

No two cyber security incidents are the same. We make sure to find an individual approach to each client to resolve incidents more efficiently


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