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January 02, 2021

Whirlpool, Fergus Falls Health Systems, Nygard IT Systems are victim to ransomware attack.

Whirlpool Hit With Ransomware Attack
The major appliances giant Whirlpool acknowledges it was hit with a ransomware attack in November, with the cyber gang Nefilim taking responsibility for the cyber incident and claiming to have stolen company data.


Fergus Falls health system’s computer network disrupted after ransomware attack.

In a statement released Wednesday, Dec. 30, Lake Region Healthcare CEO Kent Mattson said federal and local law enforcement, as well as a team of third-party experts, are investigating the attack. The statement also said there isn’t enough evidence to indicate any data was stolen, or that patients and staff are in danger.

Right now, they’re operating off alternative systems.

An earlier statement indicated many operations were disrupted, including at Battle Lake, Ashby and Barnesville locations.

While requests for Vice President of Marketing and Communications Katie Johnson to speak over the phone or virtually were denied, Johnson said via email that other than stroke patients, most haven’t been sent to other health care facilities.


Ransomware attack strikes Nygard IT systems on Dec. 12, receiver company assessing impact

Nygard IT system hacked

Richter Advisory Group Inc., the court-appointed receiver of Nygard’s assets, says Nygard IT servers were a victim of a ransomware attack, according to a court document dated Dec. 30.

Informanix — a third-party IT consultant hired to preserve digital records — and the Nygard IT staff were working to recover records and computer servers impacted by a November power outage in northwestern Winnipeg when they had to pivot to deal with a ransomware attack on Dec. 12.

The ransomware attack — a type of malware attack where the perpetrator locks and encrypts the victim’s data and demands payment to unlock and decrypt the data — compromised “certain electronic records, programs and IT infrastructure of the Nygard organization, including the debtors,” the court document says.


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