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December 08, 2020

$3.5 billion cybersecurity giant FireEye says it was hacked by a ‘nation with top-tier offensive capabilities,’

  • FireEye, one of the world’s leading cybersecurity firms, disclosed Tuesday that its systems were hacked by “a nation with top-tier offensive capabilities.”
  • The firm has been on the forefront of the fight against cybercriminals for years, tracking advanced threat actors and defending companies and government agencies against cyberattacks.
  • The hackers compromised FireEye and stole its internal hacking tools using “a novel combination of techniques not witnessed by us or our partners in the past,” CEO Kevin Mandia said in a blog post Tuesday.
  • FireEye did not disclose how or when the attack occured, or who could have been behind it. But the FBI is now investigating Russian state-backed hackers in connection with the attack, the New York Times reported.
  • The FBI confirmed in a statement to Business Insider that the attack is being investigated, adding that it bears signs of “a high level of sophistication consistent with a nation state.”