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November 02, 2020

DMGapp for COVID-19 Vaccine Management Solution and Vaccine Delivery Services. Now Available in Salesforce Cloud

Indiantown, FL – DMGapp, a recently announced tool to streamline Covid 19 Vaccine Management Solution, Vaccine Delivery Services and COVID-19 testing in communities, is now available in the Salesforce Cloud. View Video. Florida-based Disaster Management Group (DMG), a South Florida-based disaster recovery firm, launched DMGapp last week. It was developed using the Salesforce Health Cloud solution. Salesforce is a global tech company that provides solutions to private and government clients all over the world. “Our DMGapp is ready for industry and government organizations to use in order to help people get tested efficiently,” said Tom Rubio, CEO of Disaster Management Group. “We are proud to partner with Salesforce, which continually earns industry and government top compliance standards, to ensure that this platform is customer-focused, scalable and secure.” DMG has more than 16 years’ experience in disaster management and is currently serving U.S. Centers for Disease Control and U.S. Department of Defense sites during the coronavirus pandemic.

The DMGapp is available for government, public sector and commercial organizations to use for scheduling COVID-19 tests. It can be deployed less than 24 hours after an engagement with DMG. The data collected is stored on a HIPAA-compliant platform, that can be readily adopted by any organization. The platform is also compatible with federal and state and other government systems, which will streamline reporting requirements to county departments of health, state departments of health and the CDC. The process is simple. Individuals can download their respective state DMGapp and create an account. Next, the individual completes a short survey to evaluate current symptoms based on CDC guidelines. If it is determined the individual should be tested for COVID-19, the app enables the individual to find the nearest testing location, view available appointment times and schedule an appointment.

The app incorporates logistical load balancing to avoid overflow and ensure that there is enough test kit supplies to meet the demands of appointments scheduled and available. When the individual arrives at the testing location, the individual checks in through the app, as well. Americans are encouraged to connect with their state’s Department of Health for guidance as the product is introduced.

Promero, Inc
The DMGapp was developed by Promero, Inc., of Pompano Beach, FL. The state-branded DMGapp will be made available on all devices, including IOS, Android, iPad, tablets and desktop computers. Supported languages are English and Spanish.

Disaster Management Group (DMG), LLC, based in Indiantown, FL, has more than 15 years of experience in rapid deployment of disaster management services. A trusted partner to government agencies, industry and disaster response organizations, DMG capabilities and offerings include logistical support services and equipment, medical testing, technology and industrial cleaning. DMG is the largest provider to services at CDC and U.S. Department of Defense for sites being established during the coronavirus pandemic. Learn more at www.basecampservices.com