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Voxeo IVR Fast Facts

  • 100% Standards based IVR
  • Supports W3C VoiceXML 2.1
  • Supports W3C CCXML 1.0
  • Supports W3C SRGS 1.0
  • Supports W3C SSML 1.0
  • Supports CallXML 3.0
  • Supports touch-tone and voice entry
  • Supports voice recognition and TTS
  • Supports T1, E1, ISDN, or VOIP/SIP
  • Supports voice authentication
  • Offers advanced outbound capabilities
  • No proprietary hardware
  • Uses standard Wintel & Cisco gear
  • Software platform, turnkey IVR servers or hosted solution
  • Four fault-resilient hosting facilities
  • First platform with XML call control
  • No single point of failure
  • On-demand scaling
  • First platform with XML call control
  • First platform with XML conferencing
  • First shipping CCXML implementation
  • First SIP/VoIP IVR platform
  • First 100% IVR uptime SLA guarantee

Voxeo helps enterprises improve service and lower costs by automating and connecting their most common phone calls with our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions. Our hosting and premise platform solutions, and developer services – powered by VoiceXML and CCXML – are used by over 200,000 customers and developers to create and deploy.

Prophecy IVR Platform Software

Prophecy IVR Platform Software

IVR – short for Interactive Voice Response – is a technology that automates interaction with telephone callersThe Voxeo Prophecy IVR Platform is a pure software, standards-based foundation for any IVR, VoIP, or other telephony application. The flexible and reliable platform has a proven track record of successful, real-world deployments by Voxeo and our customers.

IVR Solution

IVR – Solution

IVR – short for Interactive Voice Response – automates interaction with telephone callers. Voxeo provides IVR products and services that dramatically reduce the cost of common phone calls to and from your company Most people are familiar with IVR applications. These applications allow users to retrieve information such as bank balances, flight schedules, and movie show.