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Promero Cloud Call Center Benefits

  • A full end-to-end contact center solution
  • Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) with operational effciencies
  • Empowers clients to autonomously manager their contact ceners
  • Clients have agility to scale contact centers to match business needs

Enghouse Interactive

Enghouse Interactive develops and supplies the widest range of customer interaction management solutions on the market. Enghouse Interactive’s CCSP software is the underlying technology platform that powers Promero Call Center, hence the name Promero Call Center powered by Enghouse Interactive.

Predictive Dialer Features

  • FTC-compliance without productivity loss
  • Settable abandon rate
  • IP-based live call detection
  • Detects > 90% of answering machines
  • Unified management and reporting
  • Blending to smooth activity between inbound peaks and outbound campaigns
  • Dialer can link to external database calling lists
  • Call disposition info is stored in the original database
  • Message Blasting Campaigns Leaving Messages on Answering Machines
  • Campaign can be configured to run a script upon Answering Machine
  • Recognizes end of a greeting (using a proprietary, configurable algorithm)

Campaign Manager

    • Campaign Scheduler
    • Many campaigns can be grouped (linked) under ‘Master Campaigns’
    • Contact from linked can be dialed at the same time
    • Multiple campaign can be Linked
    • Managed together according to Master campaign rules
    • Served by the same group of agents
    • Priorities and time bounding for alternate numbers
    • Filters library
    • Contacts can be mixed by

Pre-set ratio Size of the dialing list, so run out at the same time


    • An Agent can work simultaneously in many campaigns, including predictive
    • Multiple contact lists can be mixed together, to maximize performance
    • Lists/linked campaigns can be stopped and started on demand or by schedule
    • Separate data sources can be used for same campaign
    • Each customer can have up to 10 contact numbers
    • Each phone can have different call hour limits
    • Each number can be prioritized per contact Flexible policies on what phone number next attempt will be done

Retry using only one number Exhaust each number’s retries before moving on to next phone number Try each number on a round-robin basis Make X calls for each phone number Immediate retry of not present using next number One shot at each number Users can easily build structured filters from drop-down fields Experienced users can create complicated SQL-type filters Filter library includes multiple filters Each filter can be enabled or disabled Filters can be copied from and to other campaigns ‘Test Filter’ option shows Number of new contacts Number of retries

CCSP Omni Channel with Predictive Dialer only $79

No Risk Free Trial!*

  • CCSP is world’s most widely used cloud call center platform with estimated 280,000 seats.

Promero CCSP Cloud Contact Center powered by Enghouse Interactive  provides the ability to quickly and economically fulfill the most complex customer management requirements, both now and in the future. Promero Cloud Contact Center platform is built on Enghouse Interactive’s CCSP software and is hosted in Promero’s cloud datacenter facilities provided by Verizon’s NAP of the Americas and Peak10 Datacenters. According to DMG Consulting, a leading independent research, advisory and consulting firm specializing in contact centers, estimates that CCSP is now the most widely used cloud call center platform in the world. With an estimated 280,000 named agents employed by over 1,000 customers, CCSP services more than three times end customers than the second ranked call center software vendor and have 80% more seats than the third ranked vendor.  Traditional contact center solutions require significant capital expenditure and are typically scaled around estimated agent and call volume numbers. In contrast, cloud implementations do not require a large up-front investment, allowing the business to invest money into growth areas. They can also be much more flexible in terms of agent costs, bringing staff online at busy times and then effectively ‘switching them off again’ during quieter periods. CCSP is an all-in-one, virtual contact center suite that includes multi-channel IP ACD with Universal Queuing, self-service via Interactive Voice Response (IVR), CTI, predictive outbound dialing, multimedia recording, administrative tools and advanced integration capabilities. CCSP supports all customer communication channels, including telephone, Skype for Business integration, email, video, web chat, web voice, web collaboration and voicemail on high capacity, high availability and carrier-grade hosting platform with its multi-tenant architecture. *Long distance usage charges not included. $79 rate is per agent per month.

Cloud Call Center Software


Inbound Voice   
Touch-tone IVR with In-Queue Callback Capability   
Personal Voicemail and ACD Voicemail   
Outbound Predictive, Progressive, Preview Dialer   
Automated Outbound IVR Messaging / Robo Dialer   
Outbound Campaign Management   
Skills/Priority Based Routing   
Agent Scripting   
Multi-Channel ACD and Blended Agents   
Voice and Screen Recording   
Multi-session ChatE-Mail   
API for Mobile   
Historical and Real-Time Reporting   
Live Monitoring   
Native SIP softphone and 3rd party softphone compatibility   
Browser Based Agent, Supervisor & Administrator Interfaces
Multi-Language Support   
Cloud API   
CRM Integrations – Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Rightnow   


Skype for Business Integration   
Tier IV Hosting at Verizon Terremark NAP of the Americas   
Disaster Recovery   
Premium Support with SLA   


Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) & Text-to-Speech (TTS)
Social Medial Integration
Video Chat
Speech Analytics
PCI DSS Redaction
Workforce Management
Remote Voice Nodes
Private Cloud / Single Tenant Deployment
Other CRM Integrations
Database Replication Services
TCPA Environment
Extended On-Line Storage for Recordings
Professional Services
Managed Services


PCC provides a complete outbound solution for predictive, progressive and preview dialing, as well as IVR messaging. The dialer offers powerful campaign management tools, allowing contact center managers to maximize the efficiency of their outbound campaigns. The dialer adheres to the strictest compliance rules and governmental regulations while maximizing agent productivity.


Promero Call Center (PCC) Dashboard allows the creation of highly customizable real-time reports of all activities. Supervisors and administrators can create, view and securely share dashboard views. Historical data is safely stored in SQL databases, containing all call-related events, and offered to supervisors in a range of standard reports. Easily create ad-hoc reports with Analyst, an additional reporting tool build on an OLAP data cube that contains pre-calculated measurements of contact center performance.


Promero Call Center offers users a range of open interfaces allowing them to customize options on a system-wide or per tenant basis. These interfaces enable Promero’s customers to tightly integrate 3rd party applications, such as CRM or ERP, into agent desktops as well as allow them to build and execute their own custom applications. With the open interface, service providers can offer custom application development services and easily integrate front office with back office business processes.


Promero Call Center can be deployed in a range of options offering flexibility and choice to customers. A standard agent client includes a SIP soft phone to deliver full functionality direct to any multimedia-enabled computer. PCC also offers the option to run the standard agent client in conjunction with either a certified IP phone connected directly to the PCC platform, or by utilizing existing voice infrastructure phones as an alternative delivery model. Additionally, PCC can operate without the agent custom application development services and easily integrate front office with back office business processes.


Promero Call Center can operate as a stand-alone platform without the need of separate telephony or voice infrastructure. This allows users the freedom to deploy in network without additional need for voice switching systems or PBX equipment. In addition, Promero Call Center can be deployed as an overlay to existing customer equipment.


Configurable scripts and universal queues allow separate setup and routing control of different media types for each customer using a single platform. Set up simple skills-based routing rules to advanced data-driven call workflow scenarios using the graphical scripting tool, Designer. Current media types supported include voice, video, email, call-backs, voicemails and web chat.


The PCC platform offers self-service using built-in IVR which allows customers to automate their contact center interactions. IVR scripts are designed with the Designer scripting tool and fully integrated into the call routing procedures, offering a unique blended approach between self-service and agent assisted services. The IVR can be extended with natural speech recognition and text-to-speech engines as well as providing professional services engagement opportunities to service providers.


Native voice and screen recording capabilities provided within the platform allow managers to access recorded interactions for any channel or medium. To comply with privacy and security regulations, calls can be recorded and played back in their entirety or selectively based on a variety of factors.

Cloud: A Bold Approach to Contact Center Deployment – Public Cloud; Private Cloud; Hybrid & On Premise

Demand for cloud contact centers is growing faster than ever – this is due to the major advantages the cloud provides to certain contact centers whether in a public or private cloud environment. With Promero you get the best of both worlds, as we offer a number of different cloud deployment options so you can choose the best model for your business.

Public Cloud

Helps to remove the hassle and expense of managing a system, and at the same time gives you a fully featured, flexible, scalable and pay-as-you-go model that is future-proof. Through our service providers, we offer global capabilities with short implementation times and the ability to optimize your workforce by scaling agent counts on-demand. Contact center operation changes can also be made in-house through powerful administration tools allowing real-time control and visibility.

Private Cloud

If you prefer to own and manage your technology, host it yourself or have it hosted by a 3rd-party, join a growing number of organizations who are creating their own cloud environment to serve all their unique, distributed operations with unmatchable flexibility and scalability.This scenario is well-suited for large contact centers and industries, such as healthcare and finance, which require high levels of security, yet can benefit from the cloud’s agility.

Hybrid Cloud & On Premise

A hybrid cloud is a composite of at least one private cloud or on-premise system and at least one public cloud. For example, an organization might use a public cloud service for new projects and new sites, but continue to maintain an in-house system for operational customer data. The hybrid approach allows a business to take advantage of the scalability and cost-effectiveness that a public cloud-computing environment offers without exposing mission-critical applications and data to 3rd-party vulnerabilities.