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Vocalcom HermesNet


Vocalcom HermesNet Call Center Software

Vocalcom is the up-and-coming names in the contact center market. Founded in 1995, it is headquartered in France but has a worldwide presence, with 4,500 customers and more than half a million users of its services. It offers a full multichannel contact center interaction management contact center that consists of the systems to manage multiple communication

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HermesNet Call Center Software and Predictive Dialer
Vocalcom HermesNet Call Center Software and Predictive Dialer

Vocalcom's predictive dialer provides an unmatched contact rate in the industry. It uses 'best time to call' and dynamic caller ID to boost the contact rate. Other features include outbound skill routing, automated personalized voicemail, real-time monitoring, call classification, automatic voicemail notification and unified collaborative agent desktop.

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Vocalcom Mobile & Social

Vocalcom HermesNET Mobile Social

Improve your contact center's social life with Vocalcom. Companies cannot afford to ignore social media since social media allows customers to instantly broadcast their frustrations and experiences across the social mobile globe. With Vocalcom Social Media Manager, you can stay hyper-connected to monitor communications across social media and multiple channels.

Salesforce and Vocalcom

Salesforce Vocalcom Integration

Take full advantage of all of the Salesforce cloud. Enjoy a powerful communications build into Salesforce and reduce your operating costs. Vocalcom is deeply connected with your CRM to reach leads faster and increase your sales. Monitor you sales calls activity with a single view and with the same simplicity as you manage your Salesforce CRM.

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