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Impact 360 Quality Monitoring
Contact Center Speech and Data Analytics

With Impact 360 Speech and Data Analytics, you can glean intelligence from customer and agent interactions to identify trends and root causes of customer inquiries, perceptions, and issues.

Your contact center is rich with data about what customers want and need — and how well your company delivers it to them. With Impact 360 Speech and Data Analytics, you can gain valuable insight from customer interactions, as well as from the agent activities that take place in your center each day.

Impact 360 Speech Analytics
While it is not feasible to play and evaluate thousands of recordings, advanced speech analytics can assess these recordings for information that helps you improve customer satisfaction, generate revenue, and reduce process inefficiencies and unprofitable call volume.

Part of the Impact 360 Workforce Optimization solution, Impact 360 Speech Analytics incorporates the functionality of ULTRA IntelliFind to analyze call content, providing you with timely customer and market insights. By combining Verint’s patented indexing and categorization technologies with advanced emotion detection and a Smart Category Wizard, Impact 360 Speech Analytics automatically categorizes your audio interactions according to your company’s specific challenges and objectives. Then, the solution automatically identifies the top reasons for calls within each category. Intuitive displays and reports designed expressly for business users can help you understand what’s going on in your center — and take action.

Impact 360 Data Analytics
The way that workers in contact centers and other departments use their desktop applications can impact performance, productivity, costs, and the quality of service your organization delivers. Impact 360 Data Analytics incorporates the functionality of ULTRA IntelliScreen to track application usage, data entry, and screen content. Then, the solution issues alerts or actions based on the resulting intelligence. It also links enterprise transaction information to customer interactions, so that calls can be segmented for review, analysis, and reporting based on important business considerations, such as calls with high transaction values, VIP customers, and account cancellations. This information can provide insight into operational performance and business process issues and be used to improve performance across the enterprise.

Going a step further, Impact 360 Data Analytics analyzes customer interaction data to determine the root causes of contact center performance and the actions that can most significantly enhance them. The solution shows the circumstances and behaviors that contribute to specific performance metrics and suggests how changing them might affect these outcomes. So you not only can determine the root causes of contact center performance issues — you can implement the actions that can most significantly enhance them.



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