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FAQ's and Answers
FAQ's and Answers
VCC Questions
1. What is an ACD?
2. What is a Predictive Dialer?
3. Is the Predictive Dialer FTC Compliant?
4. What are Remote Agents?
5. What is Skill Based call routing?
6. What is SIP?
7. What is H.323?
ProStar Lead Manager Questions
A. What is Ad creative?
B. What is Clickthrough?
C. What is Cost-per-action (CPA)?
D. What is CPM?
E. What is Opt-in e-mail?
F. What is ROI?
Sales FAQ’s for Contact Center Anywhere™
1. Do you offer VoIP service with your solution?
2. Can I use my own VoIP provider?
3. Can I use a soft phone with your system? If so is it free?
4. Will your software work on the new window operating system Vista?
5. What is an SI?
6. What is your Disaster Recovery Plan?
7. Why can’t we VOIP all legs of the call?
8. Can your predictive dialer make unlimited calls?
9. What training is involved for our CCA?
10. Can I upload my own lists to the predictive dialer?
11. What format do I need to use for uploading lists to the predictive dialer?
FAQ’s ProStar CRM
1. Can I purchase your CRM and place the software in my center, if so how much will it cost?
2. When will click to call be available?
3. How much will your click to call system cost?
4. Do I need to have your contact center software to use click to call?
5. Can I use Lotus Notes w/ your CRM?
6. What applications does our CRM integrate with?
7. What training is involved for our PSOD, and CRM/ProStar Lead manager?
8. What is Sugar CRM and how does it relate to ProStar CRM?
9. What software language is used for ProStar CRM?
VCC Answers
1. An Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is a telephone facility that manages incoming calls and handles them based on the number called and an associated database of handling instructions. Many companies offering sales and service support use ACDs to validate callers, make outgoing responses or calls, forward calls to the right party, allow callers to record messages, gather usage statistics, balance the use of phone lines, and provide other services.
2. A predictive dialer is a telephone control system that automatically calls a list of telephone numbers in sequence and screens out no-answers, busy signals, answering machines, and disconnected numbers while predicting at what point a human caller will be able to handle the next call. Predictive dialers are commonly used for telemarketing, surveys, appointment confirmation, payment collection, and service follow-ups.
3. The Promero VCC goes far beyond the "minimum" of other Predictive Dialer systems. Some of the features available are: Do Not Call functionality, Ring duration, Drop Call Rate percentage, FAQ for proper wording based on campaign, Out-pulse ANI based on campaign, Reporting depicting drop rate, real-time call statistics including answer rate by campaign, etc.
4. Remote agents a phone system users who are not connected locally to the main system. These include Home Based Agents, Branch users, etc. The Promero VCC fully supports users across town or across the world. To the VCC al users are location independent.
5. Is the ability to route calls based on agent skill sets. Promero VCC goes far beyond the "on-or-off" skills found in some systems. Skill are defined with proficiency ratings so that every skill for every agent can be given based on true test score or incentive value. Often skill based routing is used to incentivise top sellers. Using skill based routing call resolution improves, because calls are directed to the most appropriately skilled agent the first time.
6. The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is an Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) standard protocol for initiating an interactive user session that involves multimedia elements such as video, voice, chat, gaming, and virtual reality. The Session Initiation Protocol is specified in IETF Request for Comments [RFC] 2543.
7. H.323 is a standard approved by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in 1996 to promote compatibility in videoconference transmissions over IP networks. H.323 was originally promoted as a way to provide consistency in audio, video and data packet transmissions in the event that a local area network (LAN) did not provide guaranteed service quality (QoS).
ProStar Lead Manager Answers
A. Ad agencies and buyers often refer to ad banners, graphics, layout and other forms of created advertising as "the creative." Since the creative requires creative inspiration and skill that may come from a third party, it often doesn't arrive until late in the preparation for a new campaign launch.
B. A clickthrough is what is counted by the sponsoring site as a result of an ad click. In practice, click and clickthrough tend to be used interchangeably. A clickthrough, however, seems to imply that the user actually received the page. A few advertisers are willing to pay only for clickthroughs rather than for ad impressions.
C. Cost-per-action (CPA) is what an advertiser pays for each visitor that takes some specifically defined action in response to an ad beyond simply clicking on it. For example, a visitor might visit an advertiser's site and request to be subscribe to their newsletter.
D. CPM is "cost per thousand" (the letter "M" in the abbreviation is the Roman numeral for one thousand) ad impressions, an industry standard measure for selling ads on Web sites. This measure is taken from print advertising. The "M" has nothing to do with "mega" or million. It's taken from the Roman numeral for "thousand."
E. Opt-in e-mail is e-mail containing information or advertising that users explicitly request (opt) to receive. Typically, a Web site invites its visitors to fill out forms identifying subject or product categories that interest them and about which they are willing to receive e-mail from anyone who might send it. The Web site sells the names (with explicit or implicit permission from their visitors) to a company that specializes in collecting mailing lists that represent different interests. Whenever the mailing list company sells its lists to advertisers, the Web site is paid a small amount for each name that it generated for the list. You can sometimes identify opt-in e-mail because it starts with a statement that tells you that you have previously agreed to receive such messages.
F. ROI (return on investment) is "the bottom line" on how successful an ad or campaign was in terms of what the returns (generally sales revenue) were for the money expended (invested).
Sales FAQ’s Contact Center Anywhere Answers
1. VoIP is one of the deployment options for CCA
2. It is the customer option to either use Promero’s Long Distance Service or bring their own provider at no additional charge. Promero is the only hosted provider of call center services that allows this option.
3. Contact Center Anywhere is compatible with many soft phones in the market today. There are several manufacturers’ models that have been tested and approved by Promero. The use of the soft phone after the customer purchase it is at no additional charge.
4. Yes
5. An SI is an abbreviation for Simultaneous Interaction. This is the measure of how much of the system your company is using. All interactions with CCA (email, voice mail, fax, voice calls, etc…) that happen at the same time during any month constitutes the High Water Mark of Usage and the appropriate billing level.
6. Promero provides multiple layers of redundancy of both telecom circuits and electrical power.
7. All legs of the call can use VoIP if the customer wants this option.
8. The predictive dialer can make unlimited calls dictated by the number of ports the customer wishes to use.
9. There is a 3 day training course that can either be done over the web, at the customer’s premise or at Promero HQ.
10. Promero’s support staff is available to upload lists 24X7
11. Promero provides a template format for list loads
FAQ’s ProStar CRM Answers
1. Plans for a CPE version of ProStar CRM are scheduled for the 4th Quarter ‘07
2. Click to talk is scheduled for release in the Summer of ‘07
3. The cost per agent is $49 per month for the CRM with Click To Talk feature
4. No. The click to call feature is an integrated feature of the CRM.
5. The only email application that is integrated today with the CRM is Outlook 2003
6. Outlook 2003. Integration to other applications can be accomplished using Promero’s Professional Services.
7. Promero provides a 3 hour training as well as setting of initial users and surveys. This training is followed with a 1 hour workshop several days after the initial training.
8. Sugar CRM is Open Source software that is the basis for ProStar CRM. Promero has made many enhancements to the base product including sales stages and real time intelligent routing of leads to the correct person every time.
9. The language is .NET



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