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Promero Referral Program

Oracle Contact Center Anywhere Award Winning Call Center Solution

By referring call center colleagues to Promero, you can be eligible for commissions related to Contact Center Anywhere On Demand SaaS service provided through Promero’s state of the are data center and Contact Center Anywhere software sales completed by Promero. Register for the Promero Referral Program once and start making referrals. Membership is free and each referral earns you 12% commission on SaaS fees for up to 12 months. Promero’s Referral Program is one of the most lucrative programs in the industry!

Referal Programs

It's Simple Act Now

  • Fill out an application form to Join the Program. It's free
  • Make Referrals. Promero sales team demonstrates the product, completes RFPs makes the sale.
  • Receive checks.

It's Rewarding

  • Earn referral revenue for up to one year
  • Generate add-on service business
  • Align your business with an Oracle Certified Partner
  • Refer customers to enjoy world class Oracle software solutions

Who is eligible to participate?

Anyone! We accept referrals for call centers that are based in the USA, South and Central America, Caribbean, Canada, India, Mexico, or the Philippines. Leads can be referred by company leaders and/or call center agents (consistent with your company guidelines). A lead is defined as a named contact with company affiliation and contact information determined solely by Promero as having an interest in purchasing call center software as a service.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Promero Referral Program. If you have additional questions please send a message to sales@promero.com and we will be happy to help you.