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Aspect Unified IP is a complete, software-based, unified platform for next-generation customer contact that delivers reliable performance in a highly available and scalable architecture. The solution simplifies and flexibly manages interactions, producing operational efficiencies and cost savings. At the same time, it minimizes customer effort, providing a differentiated multichannel, multi-choice customer experience across voice, email, web chat, IM and SMS.

Oracle Contact Center Anywhere

Oracle Contact Center Anywhere is a highly scalable, multichannel contact center solution that enables organizations to communicate more effectively with their customers. This includes queuing and routing of traditional phone calls in addition to email, chat, fax and web callback requests. It also provides blended predictive and preview dialing, IVR and call recording for a completely unified inbound and outbound solution.


The Five9 Blended Contact Center gives you a unique mix of inbound and outbound capabilities that work together seamlessly to create Active Blending. Respond proactively to your customers and create a truly differentiated customer experience, while maximizing your agents’ productive time.

Oracle Predictive Dialer

Contact Center Anywhere provides a complete outbound solution for predictive and preview dialing plus IVR dialing. Users have access to state-of-the-art predictive dialing technology combined with powerful campaign management tools. This allows contact center managers to maximize the efficiency of their operations by taking advantage of both inbound and outbound calling capabilities.

Oracle CRM OnDemand

Brought to you by the No.1 company in CRM, Oracle's CRM On Demand gives you the power to break down departmental silos and gain a 360-degree view of your customers. Oracle CRM On Demand is a comprehensive, strategic CRM solution that goes far beyond any other software as a service offering to help you bring clarity to your sales processes; build loyal, long-term.

Oracle Contact Center Anywhere CTI for Salesforce

Professional, Enterprise or Unlimited Salesforce users can now add enhanced call center and telephone features to their instance with Promero’s CTI connector for Oracle Contact Center Anywhere. Features include IVR, ACD, Call Recording, Predictive Dialing, Inbound/Outbound blended agents and extensive call details reports.

Siebel CRM

Oracle's Siebel Customer Relationship Management (CRM) enables organizations to transform the customer experience. With solutions tailored to more than 20 industries, Siebel delivers comprehensive CRM capabilities, tailored industry solutions and role-based customer intelligence. Siebel CRM 8.0 enables authorized users to create their own work sequences.

Key Performance Dashboards

Promero offers customized dashboards to support C-level and senior managements’ need to view their company’s real-time key performance indicators and metrics. Dashboards hosted by Promero are displayed on your company’s internet or intranet website, mobile device or tablet.

PCI Compliance Recording

he Majuda Voice Suite combines Majuda’s CallTracker and Quality Tracker in order to provide a synergistic all-in-one solution that enhances an organization’s ability to listen and understand customers’ wants and needs, ensures service level goals are met and maintained, and increase call center productivity, quality and effectiveness.

Voice Recognition – Voxeo

Voxeo helps enterprises improve service and lower costs by automating and connecting their most common phone calls with our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions.

On Demand Mortgage

Develop your own mortgage and refinance leads with Promero’s complete cloud solution that includes Oracle Contact Center Anywhere, predictive dialer and Salesforce CRM.

Lead Manager

Lead Manager is the perfect tool for corporate sales and marketing directors, owners of franchise stores or retail chains who have a need to develop and distribute sales leads via the Internet.

RiverStar Business Process

By following Customer Experience Management (CEM) principles, the CE Suite creates the end-to-end customer service processes that result in intelligent, repeatable, and consistent customer interactions. The RiverStar Customer Experience (CE) Suite is a Software-as-a-Service (Saas) used by contact center.

Monet Workforce Management

Today, successful contact center managers understand the value of workforce planning and management - the scheduling efficiency gained here translates directly into cost savings. Monet Workforce Management software provides vital analysis to enable call center managers the ability to effectively manage their human resources and service level commitments.

Totalview Workforce Management

IEX TotalView Workforce Management (WFM) software provides a centralized platform for optimizing the performance of your contact center. It helps your center forecast and plan more accurately and schedule more effectively.

Impact 360 Workforce Management

Impact 360 is a powerful, analytics-driven workforce optimization solution combines software and services to help your business improve everything — from customer interactions in your contact center to underlying back-office business processes that impact the customer experience.

Oracle Contact On Demand Setup

This service offer by Promero provides a comprehensive implementation and training plan, as well as a firm price quote based upon the rapid setup for 25-300 with clearly defined business requirements.

Oracle CRM On Demand Setup

This service offer by Promero provides a comprehensive implementation and training plan, as well as a firm price quote based upon the rapid setup for 25-300 with clearly defined business requirements.

Online Training

Promero provides a complete online and one-on-one training for Oracle Contact Center Anywhere software.

Disaster Recovery On Demand

he mission of Promero's Disaster Recovery OnDemand service is to recover telecommunication in an area affected by a disaster.