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Five9 Virtual Call Center Software

Five9 Inbound Contact Center

Five9-Inbound Call Center

Customer Service Is Your Constant Value Proposition
Distinguish your brand in the crowded marketplace and seize the recurring opportunity to deliver exceptional customer service, using the sophisticated routing capabilities of the Five9 Inbound Contact Center to help give you the competitive edge.

Instant-On Scalability
The inbound contact center is your customers' front door to your enterprise. You need technology architected to support scalability and stay in lock-step with your business. Even with traffic spikes and volume fluctuations, the Five9 Inbound Contact Center is your "instant-on" resource, allowing you to add new agents and capacity in hours.

Exceed Your Customers' Expectations
Customers want great service-period. They want an immediate response and agents who are well informed. Deliver on these expectations with Five9 tools that automatically manage interactions from start to finish and enable quick first contact resolution.

Change Happens
Five9 Inbound Contact Center is built to support the changing needs of your business, regardless of:

  • Where your agents are located
  • How fast your business grows
  • How many contact centers you have
  • What changes you need to make in an instant or down the road
  • You won't outgrow the Five9 solution or ever have to install software updates again.

Designed for Business Users
Simplicity. That's what makes Five9 different. We've designed the solution for the business user who needs rich functionality for their enterprise. It's easy to implement, use, and change-even non-techies can configure skill groups, assign users, modify routing strategies, and re-configure call flows in an instant to stay ahead of the business.

Five9 Outbound Contact Center

Five9 Outbound Call Center

Accelerate Sales with Automated Dialer Technology
Trump previous sales success and achieve greater efficiencies with the feature-rich predictive dialer technology delivered by the Five9 Outbound Contact Center.
Our Predictive Dialer boosts efficiency by automating the dialing of multiple numbers per contact, tripling the amount of time your agents are productively connecting with real prospects.

Cutting-Edge Web Integration to Take the Sales Lead
If you're not in the forefront of a sales opportunity, chances are your competitor is.
Seize hot opportunities immediately with the Web Callback feature of the Five9 Outbound Contact Center.
Web Callback integrates your company's online presence with your contact center to generate an immediate, automated callback for online inquiries. And, with the automated agent scripting capabilities, your agents will always be on-script with a consistent conversation geared towards lead qualification and a winning sales pitch.

Predictive, Power, Preview, & Progressive Dialing
Five9 offers multiple automated dialing solutions so your organization can choose the automation technology that aligns best with your sales environment and goals.

Five9 Blended Contact Center
Five9 Blended Call Center

Inbound Meets Outbound for Active Blending
The Five9 Blended Contact Center gives you a unique mix of inbound and outbound capabilities that work together seamlessly to create Active Blending. Respond proactively to your customers and create a truly differentiated customer experience, while maximizing your agents' productive time.

Active Blending capabilities adjust to your contact center traffic-always prioritizing inbound customer service calls.

Dynamic predictive dialer technology automatically moves outbound agents to inbound queues, and when there are no inbound calls in queue, it shifts to outbound call processing. You'll see huge gains in productivity, improved key performance indicators (KPIs), and increased customer satisfaction.

Stand Out from the Competition
Active Blending allows you to easily configure business rules to add and schedule to the outbound queue automatic follow-ups on any interaction. Maximize agent time when there are no calls in queue to:

  • Proactively follow up on abandoned calls
  • Find out how customers like their recent product purchase
  • Flag negative customer surveys for personalized attention
  • Let customers know when an order has shipped or an issue is resolved

All the components work together on the Five9 platform as a single system, eliminating the technology gap between inbound automatic call distributor (ACD) functionality and outbound dialers.