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Five9 Virtual Call Center Software

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Instant On Contact Center, Just Add Agents
You supply the agent, computer, headset, and an Internet connection and we provide everything else.

The Five9 VCC Suite combines all the features and benefits of our leading Inbound and Outbound suites, including:

  •   ACD
  •   IVR
  •   CTI Screen Pop
  •   Speech Recognition
  •   Text-to-Speech
  •   Predictive Dialer
  •   Progressive Dialer
  •   Power Dialer
  •   Preview Dialer
  •   Campaign and List Management
  •   Local number options
  •   DNC Compliance
  •   Web Callback
Common Platform
  •   Agent Scripting
  •   Voicemail
  •   Call Conferencing
  •   Toll-free Numbers
  •   Call Recording
  •   Historical Reporting
  •   Real-Time Reporting
  •   Cloud APIs
  •   Data Import
  •   Contact History Database

Get all the benefits of feature-rich, on-premise systems with none of the hassle. The Five9 Virtual Contact Center (VCC) suite gives your people the tools they need to make powerful customer connections while delivering the results your business requires.

The Contact Center Dilemma
Today’s customers are quite demanding. They want faster service, knowledgeable agents, and new ways to communicate—and it’s tough to keep up. We know you struggle with the need to reduce your operational costs, increase revenue and conversions, cross-sell and upsell, and still provide your customers with what they really want.

Balance your need to contain costs and still maintain a great customer experience by leveraging the cloud for your contact center.

All the Features, None of the Hassle
With the Five9 Blended VCC suite, you receive all the features and benefits you’ve come to expect from on-premise contact center infrastructure systems, with none of the complexity and long deployment times.

And unlike many other cloud contact center infrastructure vendors, the Five9 VCC suite is built entirely from the ground up for the cloud. We’ve been enhancing the platform for over 12 years, so you can take advantage of a mature product with a rich feature set.

Improve Agent Productivity with Active Blending
Ensure the optimal mix of agent productivity and customer experience by taking full advantage of the peaks and valleys in contact center traffic.

Active Blending technologies adjust to your traffic as it ebbs and flows, enabling automatic adjustments of outbound calling based on inbound call volumes.

Based on your business rules, Active Blending automatically moves outbound agents on a per-call basis to inbound queues when traffic volume peaks. When there are no inbound calls in queue, it shifts them back to outbound call campaigns. Inbound service levels are maintained while agents can switch to outbound calls on a call-by-call basis during inbound traffic lulls. This ability greatly increases the number of productive contacts per hour by each agent.

Active Blending Gives Customers What They Really Want: Active Service
Five9 Active Blending technology allows your customer service or inside sales organization to respond proactively to your customers. Additionally, you can configure business rules to schedule and add to the queue, automatic outbound follow-ups on any interaction. Active Blending also lets you:

  •   Schedule “thank you” or other follow-up calls for       sales orders or service calls based on your business       needs
  •   Notify customers when their product has been       shipped, or a problem is resolved
  •   Do queue callbacks
  •   Follow up on abandoned calls
  •   Call back negative survey responses
  •   Handle any interaction that needs to be flagged for       future outbound follow up
Give your customers what they want: Active service and information transparency.Give your employees the tools they need to keep your customers happy.

You’ll see huge gains in agent productivity, improved key performance indicators (KPIs), and increased customer satisfaction with our unique approach to Active Blending.

Insight into Your Entire Call Center
When using Five9 for both inbound and outbound call center operations, you benefit from unified real-time and historical reporting applications that deliver performance results across all your campaigns and agents. In real time, you can listen to agents for both inbound and outbound calls and review the intraday performance of your campaigns for key metrics such as sales volumes. Historical reports offer additional insight into agent performance across call types and unified customer history across your operations.

Five9-Inbound Call Center

One Platform for a Seamless Experience
Five9 Blended VCC components work together on the cloud platform as a single system, eliminating the technology gap between inbound Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) functionality and outbound dialers. And, with the integration of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) capabilities, you’ve got a seamless solution for both your agents and customers.

There’s no toggling back and forth between inbound and outbound calls. It’s all unified for your agents to manage inbound and outbound programs simultaneously with the right agent scripting—inbound or outbound—delivered to the desktop.

Agents Anywhere, Supervise Everywhere
Whether you have one contact center, multiple contact centers around the globe, hundreds of agents who work from home, or both physical contact centers and at-home agents, Five9 has it covered. Need to add new agents? No problem—all it takes is one call, and you can have new agents and line capacity up and running in hours.

Five9 VCC comes with comprehensive supervisor capabilities. Barge in, whisper coach, and listen in real-time from any location. It no longer matters where your agents or supervisors are located—at home, in a physical contact center, or half-way around the world.

Now Your Contact Center Can Move As Fast As Your Business
Business conditions change every day. Call volumes go up and down. New products are released and new service issues are discovered. How quickly can you adapt to all these changes? With the Five9 Blended VCC suite, you’ll stay a few steps ahead of the game with these key features:

  •   Instant-On capabilities scale agent licenses, IVR       ports, and line capacity up or down as you need it
  •   Intuitive interface make it easy for non-techie users       to make their own moves, adds, and changes in       routing strategies, agents skills, and IVR call flows
  •   Simple management frees IT to focus on strategic       issues, not contact center infrastructure
  •   Cloud platform lets you place agents anywhere,       supervise everywhere
  •   Configure in 1 hour, go live in weeks

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