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Call Center Software On Demand

Telephone Service, Call Center Software and Predictive Dialer for Salesforce Users

Exclusive Offer for Salesforce Users: FREE CTI connector for Salesforce and Oracle's Contact Center Anywhere

Salesforce CRM users can now add enhanced call center and telephone features to their CRM application. Features including predictive dialing and much more are enabled with Promero's CTI connector and Call Center On Demand service. Promero's Call Center On Demand service uses Oracle Contact Center Anywhere virtual call center software. Contact Center Anywhere has won 49 industry awards and is one of the most widely used call center software in the world. The CTI connector, normally sold separately, is free when users enroll in one of Promero's three Telephone On Demand Call Center Services (view below) or purchase Oracle Call Center Anywhere software and installation packages from Promero.

 Add Telephone Service, Call Center Software, Predictive Dialer to Salesforce GUI

 CTI Connector

 Promero Contact Center CTI Adapater Installation and Use Guide

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Pick the package the fits your needs from the Telephone On Demand Call Center Services. Contact Promero sales representatives to learn of exclusive pricing for Salesforce users or to find out about purchasing Oracle Contact Center Anywhere for an on premise installation

Feature Description Benefits
Screen Pop on incoming and outgoing calls Received and placed calls are matched to the corresponding record in CRM and all relevant information is automatically presented to the user

Saves time from having to navigate and search for information before engaging with the customer

Call Logging Log all information direct from the Unified Connector. All information is auto-logged with the associated contact

Record detailed notes easily. Ensure that no details are missed

Click to Dial Click on the phone number of any contact and you are immediately connected

Ensure that the Correct number is always dialed. Saves an estimated 20 seconds for every outgoing call

Predictive and Preview Dialing The CCA system will automatically dial batches of telephone numbers for live connection to agents assigned to sales or other campaigns

No more busy signals or answering machines. Up to 300% more production

Real-time KPI dashboards Real-time tables, pie charts, line charts of the information you need presented in customizable dashboards

Make decisions and measure success in real-time

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Maintain professional call treatments using simple graphical editor. Able to us database lookups and web services to provide highly customized menu systems

Self service calls without agents, provide automated account access and other automation

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) Powerful queuing, estimated hold time played to customers, agent association, music on hold, custom messages, marketing messages, call back options, and much more

The best agent gets chosen for every call. Lower cost and improve production

True weighted multi level Skills-Based Routing Not the simple old fashion binary skills (on or off only for each skill) of first generation tools. CCA provides true weighted skills to provide the best routing for every call

Shorter hold times, better call handling

Quality Monitoring Silent monitoring, whisper, barge in, take over calls, record calls chat with agents, etc

Improve quality, better visibility, and better trained agents

Call Recording Up to 100% call recording. Simple to use MP3 file format for easy playback

Better quality scoring for higher satisfaction and better performance

Voice over IP (VoIP) Use IP phone, softphone, or any analog or digital PBX phone by adding a telephone adapter to any system

More flexible, save money

Call me back (Web call back) Add web site Icon that will allow customers to add their phone number to a form and the system will automatically queue the call to the next available agent

Better customer interaction, higher satisfaction

Integrated Call Control Control any call direct from Salesforce. Dial, Answer, Hold, Transfers (Blind and Warm), Conference, Change Status, Predictive Login/Logout or end the call with a simple click

Easily transfer a call with the click of the mouse. Improves productivity and ensures that calls are properly handled.

Call Reporting Run detailed reports on call usage by employees. Track which customers are calling most frequently

Detailed reports from key insights on which employees are being the most productive and an understanding of which accounts are calling in most frequently

Selective Match If call ID matched multiple records, the user can select the appropriate record when the caller has been identified verbally.

Gives the user control over how to match the call when there are multiple matches

Click to Answer Click to answer from the web interface and phone is automatically answered

Improves efficiency and ensures that customer calls are answered more promptly

Pre-built Integrations Coordinated Business Processes, Business Rules, Decision Support

Lowered operational costs and improved customer satisfaction