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Siebel CRM Marketing

Designed to improve pipeline visibility, sales effectiveness, and bottom-line results, Siebel Sales enables your organization to share information across teams. Oracle’s Siebel Sales is fully integrated with the entire Siebel product family, including CRM On-Demand-enabling flexible, phased deployments for constantly changing and growing companies.

Whether you have a global marketing organization or a lean do-it-all marketing team, you’re probably being asked to do more with less-while justifying each dollar you spend. Inefficient infrastructures and broken processes aren’t helping. Siebel CRM On Demand Marketing lets you transform the way you market to your customers by arming you with an integrated solution that makes your marketing team work more efficiently, more effectively, and with greater accountability.

You’ll have key insights into your audience so you can create targeted and personalized campaigns that get results. Clear visibility into marketing initiatives lets you better allocate funds and create accurate forecasts. And Siebel CRM On Demand lets you track and manage leads, keeping your marketing team on message with future initiatives.

Know Your Audience for More Successful Marketing

Successful marketing starts with knowing your audience-who they are, what they’re buying and why, and how they like to be contacted. With customer data scattered across multiple systems, getting the answers to these questions can be difficult and time consuming. Siebel CRM On Demand captures all your vital customer data in one single, unified source to give you a 360-degree customer view. You understand your customers better, so you can tailor promotions and build loyal, long-term relationships.

Quickly Create Personalized HTML and Text E-mail Campaigns

Not getting the results you want? It could be that customers just aren’t listening. According to a 2005 DMA study, the average response rate for traditional outbound direct-marketing activities is just 2.6 percent. To make sure your customers are paying attention, create personalized campaigns with Siebel CRM On Demand Email Marketing. Use the authoring wizard to create rich, personalized, outbound HTML and text e-mails, without having to learn HTML. Target and upload contacts with the segmentation wizard. Execute campaigns without relying on outside vendors. Track response rates to measure, optimize, and analyze campaign effectiveness.

Gain Visibility into Your Marketing Initiatives

You’re under tremendous pressure to lower costs and increase ROI, but you’re forced to base budgeting and forecasting decisions on old or incomplete manual reports. Siebel CRM On Demand solves this dilemma by giving you instant access to interactive marketing dashboards, closed-loop metrics, pre-built and custom analytics, and lead follow-up analysis. You can easily track the recipients, leads, opportunities, and closed revenue associated with your campaigns.

Never Lose a Lead Again

If your sales team keeps asking for leads, it’s time to get Siebel CRM On Demand. You’ll be able to route and assign leads to the appropriate individual, ensuring timely distribution so leads don’t go stale. As business changes, leads can be easily re-assigned. You can associate leads with contacts, company and campaigns, so sales can follow up. Most of all, you can track leads-and maintain a history-through each stage of the process, from qualification to close.

Manage Your Lead Lists

Using a built-in import wizard, Siebel CRM On Demand lets you directly import leads from spreadsheets and collect them from your web site. Automatically distribute them based on vertical market, territory, or other lead attributes ensuring that the right leads get immediate follow-up by the right people. Streamlining this time-consuming, manual process enables you to create and manage your campaigns faster and easier.