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May 10, 2017


Siebel CRM On Demand Integration

Does the left hand of your business know what the right hand is doing? If your business is like many, the answer is no. You need to integrate all the silos of information and processes in your enterprise to quickly, easily get the big picture and operate more efficiently. And Siebel CRM On Demand can help you do that.

Siebel CRM On Demand is the only solution available on the market that provides Web Services support as well as pre-built integration to Oracle business applications and other applications to fully integrate your extended enterprise with the power of CRM.

You’ll get true real-time integration capabilities that go beyond simple data sharing and enable you to deploy end-to-end business processes across applications.

You’ll also get a comprehensive set of flexible Web Services APIs based on XML/SOAP standards to enable custom integrations. Siebel CRM On Demand can help your enterprise work faster and be more agile to improve the customer experience, increase revenue and lower operating costs.

Use the Environments You Know

With Siebel CRM On Demand, you won’t have to worry about learning new development environments. Use what you know: IBM WebSphere, Microsoft .NET or BEA WebLogic. With these tools, you can leverage a comprehensive set of XML/SOAP APIs for accessing our solution and business logic and data services to retrieve, modify, create, delete and synchronize information. Create a custom add-on module to streamline a unique quote creation process. Create additional utilities to perform mass data cleanup operations.

Extend the Power of Oracle E-Business Suite with On-Demand CRM

Create a seamless front- and back-office user experience. With the Siebel CRM On Demand Integration Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite, your organization can leverage a comprehensive prebuilt integration, based on Oracle’s industry-leading Fusion Middleware, that connects these two applications at the data, business-process, and user-interface levels.

This prebuilt solution provides your sales organization with a 360-degree customer view of critical back-office information and provides out-of-the-box support for business flows such as Lead-to-Cash and Opportunity-to-Quote-all within a consistent user-interface experience. The Siebel CRM On Demand Integration Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite also features powerful data-quality management features to ensure consistent and accurate customer records. And you can extend the Pack further to meet the unique requirements of your organization.

Web Services

Expand Your Integration Capability

The Web Services On Demand API lets you build programs for myriad integrations, including CRM and back-office applications to retrieve real-time sales, marketing and service information or CRM and front-office applications such as QuickBooks and GoldMine. You can also build Web-based portal applications, including customized Web-based applications using Active Server Pages, Java Server Pages or similar technology, and custom add-on modules to extend Siebel CRM On Demand functionality.

Create Powerful, Ad-Hoc Analysis

Want real-time answers to ad-hoc business questions? Done, with Siebel CRM On Demand and Siebel Answers On Demand. Point and click to create interactive charts, pivot tables, and reports-all of which can be published for immediate use by everyone in your organization. You’ll also get Siebel CRM Advanced Analytics Report Management to streamline access to analytics reports.

Improve Your Customer Service

To better serve customers, you may need to leverage data and functionality from Siebel CRM On Demand in combination with third-party systems. Use Custom Web Tabs and Web Links to save time and clicks. With Custom Web Tabs, you can embed information and screens from third-party systems into a custom tab within Siebel CRM On Demand. For instance, you can view invoice data from another Web-based system within Siebel CRM On Demand and perform all operations as if you were in the invoice system. Web Links let you quickly link to contextual data from third-party systems while working within Siebel On Demand.

Sign On Just Once

Your company has security policies that mandate single sign-on. No problem. Authenticate within your corporate network or portal and you’ll be authenticated into Siebel CRM On Demand, without having to enter your log-on credentials a second time. You’ll get a single identity management system for all applications.