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May 10, 2017

Call Center

Siebel CRM Call Center On Demand

Your call center is where you meet your customers every day, and every interaction is a chance to grow your business. So your call center should help you achieve some key objectives. It should make agents more productive. It should make customers happier and more loyal. And it should eliminate IT complexity and reduce cost.

Siebel CRM Call Center On Demand is the only hosted multichannel support application that can be deployed in days, not months-without upfront capital expenditures or integration costs. Agents can work efficiently from anywhere in the world with 360-degree views into customer interactions and real-time business intelligence. Your customers benefit from rapid, personalized sales and service.

Give Your Customers Personalized Service, Any Way They Want It

Your customers can talk to a live agent. Or they can communicate through the channel of their choice. Siebel CRM Call Center On Demand provides an IP-based multimedia ACD that supports calls, voicemail, interactive voice response and email. Our contact center supports your toll-free numbers and works with your existing phones. Don’t have a toll-free number? Use Siebel CRM Call Center On Demand to launch one.,/p>

Most of all, Siebel CRM Call Center On Demand lets your customers experience personalized “one and done” service. Siebel CRM Call Center On Demand captures every interaction and provides a unified view of your customers across all customer-facing organizations for seamless 360-degree customer insight. Now you can resolve service requests in one call, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving down support costs.

Route Your Customers to the Right Agent the First Time

With Siebel CRM Call Center On Demand, your customers won’t have to tell their story over and over again to multiple agents. Incoming calls are intelligently routed to the right agent based on routing rules such as priority (Platinum Customer), urgency, time of day, customer identification, or caller responses to interactive voice prompts.

Be More Productive

More information and an easy-to-use interface means that agents complete transactions faster and with fewer errors. And a 360-degree view into sales, service, and marketing lets them solve problems without having to transfer the customer to other staff. If the agent needs to know customer or resolution history, real-time business intelligence provides answers immediately.

Work from Any Location

Siebel CRM Call Center On Demand also lets service agents work from any location-across town or across the world. A telephone and Internet-connected PC are the only equipment they’ll need. Connect remote call centers into a single center or support a highly mobile workforce while ensuring that customer interactions are handled consistently, professionally, and cost-effectively.

Improve Call Center Performance

You just can’t get a consolidated view of operations from multiple applications and disparate systems. But Siebel CRM Call Center On Demand delivers the functionality of multiple applications in a single solution, with a central location for managing all communications. Get detailed real-time and historical reports and analyses. Track average speed-to-answer, call resolution times, hold times, and call abandonment rates. You’ll be able to proactively address issues and continually improve contact center performance.

Eliminate Call Center Complexity and Reduce Costs

Siebel CRM Call Center On Demand’s flexible deployment options extend your contact center investment, without upfront capital expenditures. Operating cost is low. And because it’s a single-vendor solution, there are no additional or hidden integration costs.

As a pre-packaged solution, Siebel CRM Call Center On Demand and Siebel CRM On Demand are tightly integrated to enhance the customer experience and provide you with deeper customer insight, leading to faster problem resolution and higher customer satisfaction.

Scale Up or Down as Demand Changes

With Siebel CRM Call Center On Demand, you can easily add or subtract agents in response to promotional campaigns, seasonal demand, or other changes in the market. Just add users via the solution’s simple Web interface and within minutes the agent is ready to take calls, email, or respond to voicemail communications.

Stay Ahead of Network Changes

Siebel CRM Call Center On Demand can work with your existing phone system and PSTN infrastructure, or it can be deployed in a fully IP enabled environment, allowing you to leverage what you have now but ensuring a seamless migration in the future.