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May 10, 2017


Siebel CRM On Demand Analytics

You need information to help you make informed, intelligent, real-time business decisions. You need information to understand what’s happening across your organization.

You’ll get that information with Siebel CRM On Demand. It’s the industry’s most comprehensive hosted CRM solution-with fully interactive analytic capabilities that let you gain deep insight into your business. By combining real-time and historical pre-built and ad hoc reports as well as customizable dashboards, Siebel CRM On Demand is the only CRM solution that delivers actionable insight at the speed of business.

Analytics Everywhere for Real-Time Business Intelligence

Siebel CRM On Demand delivers “analytics everywhere,” making up-to-the-moment business intelligence available to everyone in your organization. Drill down into detailed data with one click. Conduct historical and comparative trend analysis about emerging opportunities and critical issues. Siebel CRM On Demand also gives you conditional formatting capabilities for graphical real-time alerting, so you can quickly identify and respond to changes in business trends.

Interactive Dashboards Put Your Intelligence to Work

How efficient is your sales effort? How much are your customers spending? How is your pipeline growing? Siebel CRM On Demand offers highly interactive out-of-the-box dashboards to help answer those questions and more. View account status, diagnose key issues, and identify opportunities from a single location. Drill down into deeper analysis and specific records to diagnose issues and make changes to data. You’ll get actionable insight that is personalized for each user.

Analyze Key Issues Quickly and Easily

Siebel CRM On Demand is the first CRM solution to provide high-powered data warehousing capabilities. Track data to perform historical analyses and spot trends over time. Quickly analyze key issues such as win/loss ratios and average deal size.

Create Powerful, Ad-Hoc Analysis

Want real-time answers to ad-hoc business questions? Done, with Siebel CRM On Demand and Siebel Answers On Demand. Point and click to create interactive charts, pivot tables, and reports-all of which can be published for immediate use by everyone in your organization. You’ll also get Siebel CRM Advanced Analytics Report Management to streamline access to analytics reports.

Take Action Now

With Siebel CRM On Demand, you’ll get the critical insight you need to quickly and intelligently identify and respond to changing market conditions. You’ll get real-time, actionable business intelligence through interactive dashboards, custom reports, and historical trending to uncover new opportunities and identify issues before they impact your business. Siebel CRM On Demand can help you get the most out of your return on investment by giving you the ability to take action to improve organizational effectiveness, lower costs, and increase revenue.