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Impact 360 Workforce Optimization Software

Impact 360 is a powerful, analytics-driven workforce optimization solution that can help your organization understand what’s happening in its customer-focused operations – and take action to improve performance.

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In today’s business environment, customer service is everything. To stay ahead of the competition, you have to deliver first-rate service, consistently and cost-effectively, across different communications channels and locations.

But that’s easier said than done. Many organizations struggle with balancing customer satisfaction, revenue targets, and the cost of delivering customer service. Managing this balance is made even more difficult by the different – and often siloed – areas of the enterprise that provide service throughout the customer lifecycle.

This approach to customer service can hurt your business in many ways: Customers receive inconsistent service. Departments duplicate efforts because they don’t share information. Reports fail to provide meaningful data. Broken processes never get fixed. Employees don’t get the training or feedback they need to be effective. Valuable customer information gets stored in a database, never to be seen again.

Impact 360 can help. This powerful, analytics-driven workforce optimization solution combines software and services to help your business improve everything – from customer interactions in your contact center to underlying back-office business processes that impact the customer experience. With Impact 360, you can gain a new level of visibility into processes, performance, and customer intelligence across your enterprise.

Impact 360 captures information on workforce performance, customer interactions, customer service processes, and customer loyalty to help your contact center change processes, adjust staffing, and make other decisions that may impact the cost and quality of the customer experience. It combines software and services into a single, unified portfolio that includes:

 Quality Monitoring


 Speech and Data Analytics

 Workforce Management


 Customer Surveys

 Add-on Options

 Best- Practices Consulting

By enabling these functions to work in unison, Impact 360 provides a closed-loop system for continuous performance improvement, helping you to:

  • Capture customer interactions in their entirety, selectivity on demand, or randomly.
  • Establish realistic forecasts and performance goals.
  • Schedule and deploy the right number of staff with the appropriate skills.
  • Collect customer feedback through IVR, Web, and email surveys to understand drivers of satisfaction, identify improvement areas, and gauge customer loyalty in real time.
  • Measure performance to identify execution issues and excellence.
  • Make decisions that improve service delivery, efficiency, products, processes, and profits.
  • Drive improvement by delivering targeted training or re-engineering processes.
  • Refine your forecasts and performance goals based on key performance indicators and other valuable data you’ve collected.

Impact 360 is available as a comprehensive solution or in packages that target different areas of contact center operations. Complementary and optional functionality can be added to Impact 360 solutions to help you meet specific customer service requirements.