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ULTRA Enterprise

ULTRA is a highly scalable, enterprise-class call recording platform and suite of solutions for improving quality in the contact center and enterprise-wide.

ULTRA Enterprise is a highly scalable, enterprise-class call recording platform and suite of solutions that helps improve quality in the contact center and enterprise-wide – in every department that touches your customers. With full-time recording, quality monitoring and agent coaching, compliance/liability management, rich drill-down reports, powerful speech analytics, and performance analytics, ULTRA helps contact centers increase operational effectiveness and improve the customer experience.

ULTRA Enterprise features:

       ULTRA Enterprise Recording Platform

      Provides voice and screen recording and the ability to rapidly access calls from contact centers and branches for compliance/liability recording and other applications.

       ULTRA IntelliQuality Quality Monitoring

      Combines agent evaluation and reporting capabilities with optional speech, screen, and performance analytics to improve agent performance, increase supervisor productivity, and focus quality programs on calls that have maximum business impact.

       ULTRA IntelliCoach Agent Coaching and Training

      Enables supervisors and managers to deliver targeted content to agent desktops, create best-practice clips from recorded interactions, and observe, assess, and assist agents in real-time customer interactions.

       ULTRA IntelliFind Speech Analytics

      Automatically categorizes and analyzes call content to reveal the root causes of customer perceptions, business outcomes, and high call volumes, identify issues and opportunities, and surface trends that might not otherwise be detected without listening to thousands of calls.

       ULTRA IntelliMiner Performance Analytics

      Analyzes call-related data to determine the root causes of specific performance metrics, suggest changes to improve negative performance factors, and project the impact of these changes on key performance indicators.

       ULTRA IntelliScreen Screen Analytics

      Monitors the desktop activity of contact center agents and back-office workers, tracks application use, data entry, and screen content to reveal process issues, and provides real-time alerts and important data for segmenting calls for evaluation.

       ULTRA IntelliConnect

      Includes packaged integrations to third-party environments and applications.

       ULTRA Consulting Services

      Includes business consulting and performance improvement services.