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Disaster Recovery On Demand


The mission of Promero’s Disaster Recovery OnDemand service is to recover telecommunication in an area affected by a disaster. Telecommunications is vital for our business and government customers following a disaster, both for the impacted area and for the rest of the country. With Promero’s Disaster Recovery OnDemand, Business Continuity Managers who are responsible for telecommunications have instant access to route calls according to their need.

Telecommunications Disaster Recovery


During a hurricane or storm can your employees, clients, or vendors reach you? Your company’s telecommunication voice circuits are vulnerable to disasters. Knowing the types of disasters that effect telecommunications within your company will minimize your exposure. Make sure your company has a telecommunications data and voice disaster recovery plan in place, tested and ready to implement should any disaster occur. Most companies spend millions on disaster plans for data and neglect their voice lines. Since your voice lines are critical to customer support and inter-company communication, any facility with an outage will affect the entire organization. What occurs if your office is unreachable? Do you have a plan in place for employees? Does your company have customers calling from around the world.

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Promero services its customers through its state of the art hosting facilities. On demand and single tenant resources are available through Peak10. Peak 10 is the leading independent data center operator and managed services provider, delivering scalable, economical and reliable solutions for hosting and managing complex information technology infrastructure. Its expert team embraces the industry’s evolving technologies by adopting and tailoring solutions such as virtualization and cloud-based services as part of its robust managed services offering. Peak 10 is SAS70 Type II compliant and helps companies meet the requirements of various regulatory.

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