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RiverStar Web: Web Self Service

RiverStar Web™ provides customers a means of helping themselves similarly to the process agents follow when handling customers interactions in a contact center. RiverStar Web provides you with a framework to deliver customer self service applications over your website in the form of guided customer workflows, troubleshooting, knowledge base, and FAQs. Deep system integration ensures that customers are guided through a process to resolve their issue based on their specific need, not left to dig through a list of hundreds of possibly relevant topics.

Self-Managed Customer Workflow

Efficient and precise customer facing workflows increase the overall satisfaction of your customers. Providing them with the tools to effectively self-manage simple or complex interactions over the web puts your business ahead of your competition. RiverStar Web allows the customer to engage you when and how they prefer to interact.

Consistent Experiences over the Web

Business process management allows you optimize customer processes for the web by using pre-built or custom workflows; the customer is guided to resolution by walking them through a step-by-step process. During each process, RiverStar Web can access business rules, customer history, offer management, feedback, and more to deliver a personalized customer experience.

RiverStar Proactive Response

Deflect Calls from the Contact Center

An efficient web self-service application deflects calls away from your contact center. Unassisted self-service inquiries can be designed to follow an intelligent workflow that accurately resolves simple or complex customer requests. RiverStar Web lessens the burden on your agents and allows them to focus on customers who would rather talk with an agent.

Self-Service Analytics

RiverStar Web tracks, captures and stores each web session, page turn, button click, and element of data gathered during each self service interaction. Future interactions and workflows use these data points to drive the appropriate customer process; whether it is another web self service session or contact center interaction. Management is able to gain insight into the performance of each business process allowing for continuous improvement of every customer interaction.