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RiverStar Studio: Simplified Business Process Management

RiverStar Studio™ acts as the Business Process Management (BPM) control center for the CE Suite (and other 3rd party applications) where process-based workflows and agent/customer facing applications are built, maintained and deployed. Enterprise contact centers and Outsourcers use RiverStar Studio to create process based interaction workflows which are deployed as browser-based applications that do not require installation of software on the agent desktop. Avoid rip-and-replace of your current systems by using the Studio to embed efficient business processes into your customer interactions, ultimately enhancing the customer experience.

Build Efficient Workflows

The workflow capabilities of RiverStar Studio allow you to build, automate, and deploy process-driven customer workflows within the agent desktop or self-service applications. Build the customer experience around the way your customers want to interact with your business.

Easily Implement Business Rules

RiverStar Studio provides a single interface for implementing business rules at any stage in any process. You are able to embed business logic (i.e. escalation, triggers, data filled forms, time sensitive cases) so that the appropriate actions are taken by the customer, agent, or other teams.

RiverStar Proactive Response

Simple Enterprise Integration

RiverStar Studio is technology agnostic; meaning that the CE Suite integrates with any CTI platform or CRM platform with an exposed interface. Your current IT infrastructure and system investment can be more effective by using RiverStar Studio to create efficient business processes that integrate enterprise systems and applications into customer-focused interactions and processes.

Rapid Implementation

RiverStar Studio is a GUI-based development platform that requires no programming. Typically, phase I projects are delivered in 6-12 weeks and at a fraction of the cost of custom development projects. Once live, business users can quickly modify workflows and interactions to deliver on-the-fly changes