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RiverStar Agent: A Unified Desktop

RiverStar Agent™ is the unified agent desktop that puts the customer at the center of all interactions and processes. Customer data, customer history, intelligent process workflows and enterprise systems are delivered to one agent desktop, allowing the agent to navigate a single application to efficiently interact with customers. With RiverStar Agent, the agent experience is optimized to enable the consistent delivery of outstanding customer experiences.

Personalized Customer Experiences

Whether customers began their session online or are calling because of a previous problem, RiverStar Agent quickly accesses customer history information and enterprise data to walk the customer through a process workflow based on their specific need. Ultimately, the customer receives a unique and personalized interaction.

Agents are Customer Focused

Each individual process is defined according to decision points in the interaction. The agent simply follows the defined workflow outlined by the business user which allows the agent to focus on listening to the exact customer need. Customers walk away happier because the process is efficient and the agent is able to address their every need. Learn more about how your business can address Agent Success.

RiverStar Proactive Response

Up-sell and Cross-sell

Implement business rules and system integration opportunities that extends to the agent desktop so that agents are notified of the ideal time to present up-sell and cross-sell offers within the customer interaction workflow. With RiverStar Agent, missed revenue opportunities will cease to exist.

Visibility into the Contact Center

Real Time Analytics and Call Tracking that track agent actions and call results are embedded within RiverStar Agent providing you with more visibility into how your contact center is performing compared with your KPIs. Management and Supervisors can monitor analytics in real-time so that process modifications can be made as the business requires.