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May 09, 2017

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Ready to Take Your Contact Center to the Cloud?

How well do you know your customers, and how well are you using that knowledge? Understanding customer preferences, getting customers the answers they need and valuing their loyalty are critical to the customer experience. Whether they prefer self-service or have a complex question that requires agent assistance, The Aspect Zipwire cloud contact center delivers a seamless experience that improves your customer retention, customer engagement and your bottom line.

Learn how simple it is to deliver a first-class customer experience in the cloud with this quick tour of Zipwire.

Zipwire Quick Tour

Scenario Builder

Zipwire’s intuitive and simple scenario builder allows you to configure voice and chat flows – as well as interactive voice response (IVR) – all in one place with one tool for seamless multi-channel communication, and reuse existing scenarios in whole or in part, with our easy copy feature.

Zipwire Quick Tour

Supervisor UI and Real-time Dashboard

Our supervisor UI and dashboard provides up-to-the-second status on agents, campaigns and metrics, while also providing the ability for agents to chat with or call other team members to promote team collaboration.

Zipwire Quick Tour

Supervisor and Agent Metrics

Real-time metrics give you an understanding of your agents’ availability and current status, the customers they are assisting and what service or campaign the interaction came from. Actionable data about service levels, with alerts for configurable thresholds, put your business in the driver’s seat with a 360-degree view of your contact center.

Zipwire Quick Tour

Agent Tools

Agents have all resources at their fingertips. Real-time directory to know if their co-workers are on or off-line and ability to chat or call for inter-team conversations. And a simple way to change their own state.

Zipwire Quick Tour


Zipwire’s robust outbound capabilities make it easy to manage multiple concurrent campaigns via predictive/lead processing, manual or automatic dial or fully automated IVR.

Zipwire Quick Tour

Multi-session Chat

Zipwire’s multi-session chat allows agents to assist multiple customers at the same time, increasing productivity and response times. Customer interactions are logically separated to avoid the possibility of agent error.

Zipwire Quick Tour


Zipwire’s reporting is flexible and easy. Generate custom reports instantly to monitor and run your business. Track things that matter most – like net promoter score from customer voice and chat surveys and first call resolution by agent.

Zipwire Quick Tour

Salesforce & CRM Integration

Out-of-the-box Salesforce integration and the ability to integrate to other CRM tools makes getting up and running quick and easy – and allows for a seamless view to all interactions and history.

Zipwire Quick Tour

Web & Mobile Integration

Seamlessly connect self-service customers to your contact center if they need live assistance – our API easily routes customers to the right agent and enables voice, text or video chat as well as photo and file sharing.