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April 24, 2018

Promero Launches Oracle Intelligent ChatBOT Cloud Services & Consulting

April 24, 2018 – Pompano Beach, Florida: Promero announced today a number of professional services packages that feature Oracle Mobile Cloud Enterprise – ChatBot Facebook Configuration services, Oracle ChatBOT Customer Components services, Configuration for ChatBOT to Live Agent Oracle Service Cloud, ChatBOT Consulting Services for Contact Centers and ChatBOT integrations to 3rd party applications.

During BOT communications, customers many times reach a point where the BOT is unable to answer a question.  Intelligent BOTs like Oracle Intelligent Bots can escalate the communication to a live chat agent, or to a voice call if needed.  With Oracle BOTs, conversational details are transferred from the BOT-to-mobile app-to-live agent in a single digital channel.

“OMCe is the only platform in the world that can deliver an artificial intelligent BOT and instant mobile apps within the single commutation digital channel,’ stated Gregg Troyanowski, president of Promero.   “Using Oracle is easy with its Get started with Oracle Cloud for free with $300 Credit . Promero helps companies gain a competitive advantage with this incredible platform.”  Promero’s services team helps integrate Oracle BOTs to businesses’ call center solution or PBX and back office solutions.

Oracle’s Mobile Cloud Enterprise with Oracle Intelligent Bots is focused on helping your business scale.  Oracle offers a complete solutions stack that includes Integration Cloud Services with integrations to over 75+ enterprise and non-enterprise backend systems.

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