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Scalable Virtual Call Center

Your company can start small and instantly grow without waiting for deployment of costly equipment or adding additional personnel to engineer a system to meet your new requirements. The platform can support an unlimited number of agents per campaign.

1. Extended Service Hours

For companies who are looking to have 24 hour communications with customers, a virtual contact center makes it easy to manage workers based on their time zones, and work time preferences. For some workers this includes offset hours of the day.

2. Recognized Productivity Improvements

For many people, working from home is more comfortable and far more productive than being in a sometimes noisy office environment. For this type of person– the virtual contact center provides a place of employment that both the employer and employee can benefit from.

3. Lower Employee Turnover

Employees of contact centers have a high turn over rate. Many times the hours and the stress associated with these types of jobs affect employee turnover. But with virtual contact centers, employees can be more flexible, not burn out so quickly and choose the job based on their liking not on location of the facility.

4. Eliminates the Need for Capital Investment

Much of the buzz in the industry today circles around outsourcing and the benefits it may or may not provide. Language and cultural barriers, customer satisfaction and labor rates all make the topic one to be discussed. With a virtual contact center there is no need of any capital investments and global talents can be used on a needed basis without capital investments for real estate and technology.

5. No Geographical Limitations

The latest trend in employment seems to be working from home. It is appealing to a lot of workers and with the virtual contact center, it is possible. A virtual contact center removes the ‘staying home to work’ barrier so that employees from all over the globe can be utilized and with IP based services, virtual contact centers can be based anywhere in the world.