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Promero offers the award winning, state-of-the-art virtual call center solution, Contact Center Anywhere in a hosted environment or a customer premise solution. The multiple options offer the ultimate flexibility. Whether you are a 10 seat or 1000 seat call center, Promero’s solution provides a deployment strategy that will fit your financial need.

Contact Center Anywhere provides a blended inbound and outbound solution through a single desktop browser. The call center manager has the ability to monitor real-time customer interactions across a variety of communication types, e.g. telephone, fax, voicemail, Voice Over IP (VoIP), e-mail and live chat. Contact Center Anywhere’s auto call distribution (ACD) and interactive voice response (IVR) includes skills based routing so that each customer contact will reach the appropriate agent every time. Remember, Contact Center Anywhere is a virtual application so the agent can be local or remote. Contact Center Anywhere’s predictive dialer provides the outbound telemarketing effort with the best in efficiency and utilization. Contact Center Anywhere meets all Federal Trade Commission requirements related to Do Not Call legislation.

Call Management

Agents receive skills based inbound phone calls originating from either a telephone or the Internet. Outbound calls are initiated directly from PC utilizing the softphone.

Predictive Dialer

Contact Center Anywhere (CCA) provides users with state-of-the-art predictive dialing technology combined with the very latest in campaign management tools. CCA allows contact center managers to maximize the efficiency of their operations by taking advantage of both inbound and outbound calling capabilities such as, Answering Machine Detection, Self Adjusted Pacing, Manages “Do Not Call” Lists, Multi-Time Zone, Management Tools & Reports, Increase Call Production, Easy-To-Use Import Utility, Callback Scheduling, and Fax Detection.

Web Callback

Web callback lets customers make requests to receive a callback by filling in a web-based form or IVR input. Agents can initiate a callback with just one mouse click. Callbacks are handled with the correct priority and skills for maximum efficiency.


Easy administration, forwarding and review functions make managing voicemail effective. Agents receive voicemail in e-mail format making location independent collaboration a reality.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR, along with DNIS, ANI and DID provides the Contact Center Anywhere with the necessary information to route callers to the most appropriate representative or group of representatives. The IVR capabilities can be completely customized to meet the specific needs of any customer; including customizable greeting, surveys and polls, call center forwarding, and simple order entry transactions. In many cases, callers can navigate self-service menus to diminish the number of calls that need to be serviced by live agents.

Skill Based Routing

The Contact Center Anywhere supports powerful skills based routing of calls, e-mail, and Internet contacts. The system can take into consideration a number of criteria to perform proper routing such as: account status, customer profile, and last representative contact. Agents can utilize a VoIP softphone or a standard PBX system. The softphone application allows for agents to be completely telephony enabled with only a PC and Internet access. The system can also be set up to utilize an existing in house phone system for ease of adoption.

Web Collaboration

Contact center agents become interactive web agents able to push web pages, co-browse or collaboratively fill in forms directly with customers. Predefined text messages can be integrated with CO-browsing to effectively present information using best practices.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Collaboration allows agents to service customers more efficiently. With wait times reduced and customer information (such as how the contact was initiated and what web page the client is viewing) immediately displayed for an agent, the level of personalized customer service increases, as does the satisfaction of the client.

Increase Revenues

Promero’s Contact Center Anywhere enables your representatives to assume an increasingly important role in the sale and support process using value driven processes to maximize interactions with profitable customers. Agents are empowered with the knowledge to provide excellent customer care that will drive sales and develop loyalty over the long-term.

Reduced Customer Contact Costs

Promero makes enterprise class software accessible to small and medium-sized organizations without the deep investments in the software, development time, hardware and personnel to support these solutions. Promero hosts, manages and supports your applications in our state of the art network operations center.


Your company can start small and instantly grow without waiting for deployment of costly equipment or adding additional personnel to engineer a system to meet your new requirements.

Improved Communications among Team Members

This application directs the communications between agents at any branch and allows management to guarantee a customer is completely satisfied.

Increased Management Awareness

Monitor the workflow and status of an employee or team across multiple locations. Real time and historical reports for all locations and all agents. Full monitoring capabilities independent of location.