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Web callback lets customers make requests to receive a callback by filling in a web-based form or IVR input. Agents can initiate a callback with just one mouse click. Callbacks are handled with the correct priority and skills for maximum efficiency.

Web-enabled call center

A call center that receives calls from a link on a Web page. Such Web sites include a “talk” button on a page that allows visitors to obtain additional information from a human via IP telephony directly at their computers, providing of course that they have a microphone and speakers attached. If not already installed, the appropriate voice encoding and decoding (codec) plug-in must be downloaded first.

The initiation of a call to a call center from a Web page.

The user clicks a button on the page, and the response can be processed in several ways:

    1. It can link the customer to a form that is filled out to schedule a callback
    2. It can generate an Internet telephony connection between the customer and call center, or
    3. It can use a cookie and previously collected data to create an outbound call from the center to the person’s phone, offering the customer the option of editing the information before the call is made.