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Oracle Call Center Software Intelligent Contact Center


The customer contact center has become the primary channel for organizations to provide information, assistance, and customer service to prospective and existing clients. The information flow between this department and a company’s customer base influences the external perception and provides early insight into buying behaviors, competitive threats and market opportunities.


More than 80% of all data in an enterprise-including the contact center-is unstructured information such as telephone conversations, emails, word processing documents, Internet pages, paper documents and electronic forms. Unfortunately, attempts to understand and take advantage of this strategic resource traditionally fail. Many businesses lack the technology to leverage the vast majority of content that resides outside the scope of the structured databases.


The inability to capture, process, and access strategic customer information and relate it to other information across the enterprise can limit a company’s perspective and understanding of its customers. In doing so, the contact center is marginalized and established as a difficult-to-penetrate information silo. Rather than viewing the contact center as simply ‘the cost of doing business’ for maintaining customer relationships, organizations need to recognize the value of the contact center. With mechanisms to tap into the wealth of unstructured information, the contact center can become a company’s most strategic asset. This white paper will show you how to create an intelligent contact center for your enterprise.

What is an Intelligent Contact Center?

An intelligent contact center leverages both the traditional structured data and the unstructured information that flows through a contact center to deliver a much deeper understanding of the customer. Customer intelligence is based on multiple dimensions, from data such as basic customer contact information to valuable feedback that helps companies understand client needs, behaviors, responses and sentiments. This is what it takes to deliver true value across the business. Yet, thus far, traditional customer relationship management (CRM) applications have fallen short in their attempts to capture the voice of the customer for business advantage.


In order for a customer contact center to evolve into an intelligent contact center, organizations must have the means to capture, share, and analyze the critical unstructured information that is often overlooked in decision-making processes. This requires a unified technology platform that facilitates bi-directional information sharing with the rest of the enterprise and enables Meaning Based Computing in the contact center.

Bi-directional Information Sharing

Bi-directional information sharing-the exchange of information from the contact center to the enterprise and vice versa-is critical to the transformation into an intelligent contact center. For example, the recording of customer interactions can be used to influence a strategic business plan. These recordings not only contain basic customer information such as names and account numbers, but also insight into their attitudes, concerns, and intentions that can be leveraged to optimize performance, service, and quality. Conversely, customer service agents need a way to access relevant information from other departments such as Sales, Marketing, Research and Development and Operations to support their responses and fulfill their core mission-to satisfy the customer as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Departments such as Sales and Marketing can leverage information collected at the contact center (calls/email/chat) to better understand:


  • Customer Behavior
  • Product Improvement
  • Promotion Success/Failure

Contact Center Agents can leverage corporate information (product/process/promotions) such as:


  • Product and Services Updates
  • Pricing Changes
  • Order Process Documentation


Employees need access to more of the data available within their companies and better technologies for understanding it and delivering it to their desktops. The answer lies far beyond legacy keyword search engines capable of accessing only static documents or data inside relational database systems (RDBMSs). To satisfy this need, organizations must implement Meaning Based Computing technologies that enable bi-directional information sharing across a wide range of applications in the enterprise, particularly those that handle highly dynamic content.


Meaning Based Computing Technology in the Contact Center

Meaning Based Computing enables users to search and access unstructured data from disparate and distributed sources. This technology includes enterprise search, content classification, categorization and clustering, taxonomy creation and management, information presentation, and desktop search tools. Using Meaning Based Computing technology, users can locate and invoke an organization’s data and intelligence. In other words, Meaning Based Computing technology helps users understand what matters amid fast growing volumes of information scattered across multiple silos in the enterprise.



Meaning Based Computing goes beyond keyword search to enable computers to understand the relationships that exist between disparate pieces of information and perform sophisticated analysis operations with real business value. By automatically analyzing, identifying and prioritizing the main concepts within a document, Meaning Based Computing provides users with relevant data they didn’t even know existed, which facilitates the flow of information between the contact center and the enterprise. Some of the key functionality of Meaning Based Computing, such as hyperlinking and clustering, connects users to a range of related information that are contextually linked to the original text. This provides call center agents or line-of-business managers with valuable supporting material and even richer customer intelligence to apply to their business objectives.


Meaning Based Computing technology also supports the strategies of customer-focused organizations by giving employees direct and immediate access to all relevant information. This is critical to creating a bi-directional flow of information between the contact center and the rest of the enterprise.

The Solution: A Single, Integrated Technology Platform

Autonomy etalk holds the keys to capturing the voice of the customer. Autonomy, positioned in the Leaders Quadrant of Gartner, Inc.’s Magic Quadrant for Information Access Technology, 2006, pioneered the Meaning Based Computing movement that enables bi-directional information sharing across the enterprise. Autonomy’s platform for managing unstructured data, the Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), is the foundation for Meaning Based Computing. Autonomy etalk includes a suite of technologies that gives businesses the power to create an intelligent contact center in their enterprise.

Multi-channel Interaction Analysis

Most enterprises now record customer conversations in their contact centers for regulatory or quality purposes, adding to the organization’s mass of unstructured data. At an intelligent contact center, the unstructured data that is collected through agent-customer interactions can be leveraged by the rest of the enterprise to understand customer behavior. Analytical views of these recordings create insight into customer value. Speech analytics tools powered by unstructured data platforms enable organizations to automatically organize, categorize, and access call center recordings based on the meaning of the recorded conversation. This data can then be distributed throughout the organization for analysis and decision support purposes. The information generated in the contact center can be leveraged for customer insight into corporate operations.


    • Sales Effectiveness
    • Marketing Campaigns
    • Competitive Research
    • Win/Loss Analysis

At the most basic level, speech analytics can help uncover customer insight by providing word or phrase searching that removes the burden of manually listening to recorded calls. Autonomy etalk’s speech analytics solution is able to take advantage of Meaning Based Computing to extract otherwise hidden information that can significantly enhance an organization’s business intelligence. Users can create and save search criteria in order to “train” the system to automatically search for specific types of recordings.


Advanced functionality such as clustering identifies trends and other data that users may not have thought to search for. Automated trend spotting identifies common themes in calls to help highlight previously missed opportunities. The Alert feature enables supervisors to spot trends in scripts, procedures, and agent performance so they can immediately address opportunities or customer issues that may arise. By utilizing speech analytics to understand customer data, organizations can gain valuable insight into customer and corporate issues to evaluate current practices, generate sales opportunities, reduce customer churn, and build new outlets for revenue.

Real-time Agent Support

While the possibility of leveraging customer data for enterprise-wide strategy is a key development, the primary goal of the contact center agent remains customer service. For agents to provide the best service possible, they must have access to the latest product, process, and sales information to enable them to respond to customers quickly and accurately. However, this information is often located in dozens of repositories across the enterprise, making it difficult for employees to find and act on relevant content. Autonomy etalk’s agent assistant tool addresses this problem with real-time analytics that leverage dynamic data in the enterprise. This solution is a powerful desktop query tool that enables real-time information access for contact center agents. This tool uncovers conceptual matches to spoken or typed queries to provide agents with the most relevant answers while on the line with a customer. In addition, etalk can listen to the conversation and automatically return results that are related to the customer’s inquiries.



The more data an agent has access to, the better prepared that agent will be to respond to customer questions quickly and effectively. By providing agents with real-time access to data across the enterprise, and not just within the contact center, organizations can experience a 30 percent reduction in call times, resulting in increased productivity and enhanced customer service. In turn, any information generated through an agent-customer interaction is automatically added to the enterprise knowledge base. This solution closes the loop between the customer and the enterprise-just as the information flow into the enterprise began with the customer calling the contact center; it ends with information being communicated back to the customer.



The contact center has traditionally been neglected as a strategic part of the organization because there has previously been no way to extract value from the unstructured information generated inside it. However, this information, including emails, documents, and phone conversations, is a valuable asset that can be analyzed and shared throughout the enterprise by utilizing Meaning Based Computing technology. By extending Meaning Based Computing into the contact center, an organization can tap into critical unstructured information and facilitate bi-directional communication that delivers customer insight to the rest of the enterprise.


If you would like to learn more about how this can be achieved at your business, please visit www.promero.com today.



Source: Autonomy
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Promero as an Oracle Certified Partner

Promero is a Hosting Service Provider based in the US which is currently a member of the Certified Partner network of Oracle (a software manufacturer.) Promero is a private company that aims to be a value added reseller plus education provider in the call center software business that happens to target its call center solution Oracle Contact Center Anywhere at small-to medium-sized businesses throughout the world.


Basically, it can be said that the Oracle call center software is a hosted call center solution because Promero allows the software to be hosted in its high end hosting facility itself. The Oracle Contact Center Anywhere product is an example of award-winning call center technology, and Promero should be proud to be a vendor of such a great call center solution that has garnered more than 45 awards already since its introduction to the market in 1998.


Promero may find it quite easy to market this call center solution to clients because the client that buys the call center software can deploy this virtual call center software in a short period of time (sometimes lasting just hours) and without the assistance of professional techies at that. This allows the contact center client to be able to focus on its customer relationship management functions rather than deviate too far into call center technologies.


Because the Oracle call center solution is a great multimedia contact center solution that uses an Internet browser to function and which is based on the Internet as its infrastructure, it can literally help practically any customer support facility become a virtual call center right after deployment. And since Oracle Contact Center Anywhere is a scalable yet functional call center solution, it can be purchased by and used effectively by a contact center of any size.


So if you run a contact center that aims to focus just on customer relationship management rather than be distracted by unnecessary details in identifying, canvassing, purchasing, installation and use of various types of call center technology, then maybe you should try to contact Promero and ask them about the call center solution known as Oracle Contact Center Anywhere. This may be just the perfect virtual call center package for a contact center like yours. If not, fear not ? Promero also has a host of other software applications in its arsenal that could fit your particular need. Promero is just waiting for you to contact them to make inquiries.

How Promero Can Function As A Certified Oracle PartnerNetwork

Oracle is one of the largest players in the software developer business right now. Fortunately for companies like Promero, Oracle also maintains an Oracle PartnerNetwork with over 19,500 Certified Partners who act as the middlemen between Oracle and the business customers. Promero is one of those Certified Partners.


As an Oracle Network Certified Partner, the Hosting Service Provider company called Promero prioritizes the marketing and sales of call center software, especially the virtual call center Oracle Contact Center Anywhere call center solution. Aside from being a Hosting Service Provider, Promero is also categorized as a VAR (Value Added Reseller) and an Education Provider whose main market is made up of small-sized to medium-sized businesses. And it seems Promero has hit on a gold mine by becoming a Certified Partner for Oracle ? because the call center solution Oracle Contact Center Anywhere is one of the most multi-awarded products in the market aimed at assisting call centers in their work.


Hosted call center solutions are very much in demand in the call center industry because this type of call center technology permits agents to become more productive, while allowing the call center to save on switches hardware; the expense of putting up telephone lines; and the cost of long distance phone calls. The Oracle Contact Center Anywhere product is a hosted call center solution. It also happens to be a unique hosted call center solution that is very beneficial for home-based employees who need to juggle their call center jobs with the demands of family and other duties. How does it do this?


The Oracle Contact Center Anywhere product helps the main contact center put up virtual call center locations in geographically disperse locations ? like within each US state for instance, or in other countries throughout the world. This means the Internet is used as the infrastructure of each virtual call center ? and the Internet serves to connect each virtual location to the system of the main contact center. So if you are a home-based worker in Manila, Philippines, and your main contact center company is based in New York City, you can still communicate with your main contact center bosses via the Internet and the virtual call center product Oracle Contact Center Anywhere.


Because call centers are experiencing alarmingly high levels of employee attrition at present, a virtual call center solution helps home-based workers keep up with work and home duties at the same time, and allows the main contact center company to accommodate their workers while being able to stay competitive in the industry. This is why you may find more and more call center companies adopting the virtual call center solution called Oracle Contact Center Anywhere.

Online Training

Training online is a worthwhile way of learning although it does call some self discipline and self management techniques. Once you are sure of the commitment to this mode of study you can proceed to begin to learn from the comfort of your home or anywhere if you have a laptop. There are many different tools and systems available to the home student and these can very often interact with the way in which you prefer to learn. You will always have a support network to follow up with any queries or questions you will have in regard to the course you have set yourself. This could be in the form of frequently asked questions or an online chat service which will give you assistance in real time. So you will always have access to these kinds of help lines. You can also send emails as well to maintain a good flow of communication with your trainer and this should be done in the correct manner of course.


The oracle training software package offers you a great range of products and services that meet both your needs as a trainee and as a student. They offer an online chat system that will keep you up to date with the latest in what’s happening with your training schedule. The interaction manager operates very much like a web browser allowing ease of use and obtaining up to date information from the system. Launching this interaction manager is a simple process, just type the address into your web browser and you?re away. Key in your details and you will be logged in as a user. To be accepting calls at you current location you must enter the type of system your company uses to be able to accept calls.


The file types you use must be Excel not CSV, this will allow for complete compatibility. From here you must follow the precise instructions and carry them out step by step to ensure ease of use, as the list requirements are for loading the predictive dialer and require a specific format. You will also need to configure your voice mail as this will allow for up to date information being passed on, but this is well explained in the series of help files available from the company online.


You have online access to this great and fantastic way to learn with this online training system that will allow you to learn from wherever you are situated and this can only serve to speed up the learning process that you will gain much experience with. Complete with how to’s and what to do if something goes wrong or you have a question that needs to be answered in real time you can access all this online at anytime.


From reports to creating user outcome reports and the ability to transfer calls to a work group this package will cover your needs to get your staff trained in the least amount of time possible.

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