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Increase Revenues

Promero’s Contact Center Anywhere enables your representatives to assume an increasingly important role in the sale and support process using value driven processes to maximize interactions with profitable customers.

Controlling costs in call center operations is at the forefront of business initiatives across the globe. Call centers managers are facing constant pressure to do more with less. Improve service, cut costs.

Moreover, peak calling periods and seasonal variations also require call center managers to find ways to handle these peaks without “blowing the budget” by hiring more staff.


According to a 2004 USA Today cover story and a study by the PELORUS Group, processing Web-based customer service transactions costs 90 percent less than processing voice transactions. According to the same sources, in 2004, 22 percent of customers preferred Web-based service options to voice, up from 15 percent in 2002. This means that companies can reduce by 90 percent the costs of 22 percent of their transactions and realize a 20 percent productivity gain-immediately. This means increased customer satisfaction with lowered costs. Unfortunately, most companies haven’t implemented a Web-based service because vendor technologies are so expensive, time consuming to implement, and complex to maintain that the gains are consumed as professional services by the technology vendors.

Oracle CallCenterAnywhere eliminates this obstacle to optimum efficiency. By giving customers a wider range of service options, Oracle CallCenterAnywhere improves customer satisfaction and reduces costs. When your customers use e-mail or chat, your predefined business rules ensure these transactions are handled as efficiently as calls. When customers send e-mail, Oracle CallCenterAnywhere’s advanced skills-based routing algorithms ensure the contact is sent to the agent best qualified to respond. With the system’s sophisticated routing intelligence, you can schedule e-mail for low-volume call times, flattening out workload peaks and valleys during the day.