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Contact Center Anywhere by Oracle

Virtual Call Center Software & Predictive Dialer

Maximize Supervisor Control

Oracle Contact Center Anywhere provides supervisors with actionable insight into current contact center activity with a multimedia dashboard view and color-coded alarms.Oracle Contact Center Anywhere offers a host of multisite efficiencies and cost-ofownership advantages. It provides a software infrastructure for intelligent, skillsbased routing of voice (PSTN, H.323 and SIP), fax, e-mail, voice mail, Web chat/collaboration, web callback and built-in e-mail analysis and auto-response. Oracle Contact Center Anywhere supports both circuit-switched and VoIP traffic simultaneously, providing customer service organizations with an IP migration path. Oracle Contact Center Anywhere can be deployed as a corporate hosted solution for multisite operations, as an on-premise single-site solution that provides built-in switching, or utilizing a wide variety of third-party public branch exchanges (PBXs).

Maximize Agent Productivity with Web-Based, Multimedia Interface

Maximizing agent productivity is the key to contact center success. Agents require intuitive, comprehensive, and easy-to-use tools so they can consistently provide superior service. Oracle Contact Center Anywhere’s agent interface maximizes the use and performance of agent resources by moving agents seamlessly between handling inbound and outbound call campaigns, replying to e-mail, and conducting Web chats. Agents are empowered with Web-based access to comprehensive customer interaction histories that include agent notes, call recordings, chat session transcripts, and emails sent to or from the contact center. Oracle Contact Center Anywhere increases organizational flexibility by extending contact center infrastructure to include remote agent and supervisor capabilities. The Web-based call control interface, designed for use by a distributed workforce, gives remote workers the same advanced call handling capabilities as local users. There is no need to install and maintain software on each remote user’s PC.

Built-In Quality Monitoring & Recording

Oracle Contact Center Anywhere provides a supervisory tool set that delivers theright data at the right time in the right framework, enabling supervisors to make realtime decisions that improve customer satisfaction and the contact center’s performance. The supervision tools are integrated by design to include real-time dashboards, historical reporting and powerful quality management capabilities.With Oracle Contact Center Anywhere, call monitoring and other quality assurance technologies are standard features that do not require third-party integration or extra fees. The solution provides the ability to listen in on agent calls and join or take over calls as necessary. Supervisors can speak to agents during customer calls without the customer hearing the sidebar conversation, a feature called Whisper Coaching, which can be used on its own or in conjunction with supervisor-to-agent chat capabilities.

Create & Modify Routing Rules In Real-Time

Oracle Contact Center Anywhere uses a new menu-driven approach for defining transaction routing rules. This innovative method results in faster, easier creation of routing scenarios. Administrators are directed by menus to define their routing and queuing requirements for all transactions, and guided through a preliminary needs assessment and system set-up using a series of targeted questions. A library of system-wide routing components, such as announcements, music onhold, agent scripts, data sources, and URLs, support the set-up process. Users can define their own library of systems components or use the ones that come standard with the solution. Once the libraries have been completed, defining workgroups and business projects is simply a matter of choosing among options from menu-driven dialog boxes.

Oracle Contact Center Anywhere’s flexible, parameter-based administration interface enables companies to:

    • Queue, route and distribute customer inquiries to agents based on specific business criteria
    • Customize call flows and create automated voice menus that gather call routing information and customer IDs
    • Rate each agent’s skills and weight skill requirements on a workgroup basis to create a custom routing algorithm for individual campaigns
    • Process voice calls, e-mail and Web-based transactions by a single group of agents, or route them to specialized agents in different groups

Increase Customer Satisfaction by Expanding Communication Options

Oracle Contact Center Anywhere provides the tools to deliver exceptional, personalized customer service through a variety of communication channels, including phone, fax, e-mail, chat, and Web callback requests. Providing consistent service across all channels builds customer loyalty, repeat business, and higher profitability. Oracle Contact Center Anywhere’s success in handling e-mails and chat sessions along with phone calls is a function of its single queue. At the core of optimized multimedia routing is the ability to identify any transaction in any medium and route it based on who the customer is, what type of inquiry it is, any other pre-defined criteria, and the current activity levels in the contact center. And with a single queue, consolidated reporting on all media types is at last a reality.

The Oracle Contact Center Anywhere Difference

Oracle Contact Center Anywhere empowers organizations to deploy centralized contact center technologies on a “single system” infrastructure shared by all locations, regardless of geographic location. This is a compelling alternative to installing stand-alone contact center systems at each user location. Oracle’s multitenant contact center solution provides the best of both worlds: dramatically decreased acquisition, implementation and TCO costs, together with 100% privacy and the ability to deliver autonomous control that exceeds site-specific technology. Oracle Contact Center Anywhere is designed for multisite/multitenant deployment. It allows geographically dispersed sites and/or independent business units to realize productivity, efficiency and cost benefits by sharing hardware, software and phone lines to support global operations while retaining total autonomy for those sites or groups of sites that require it. Oracle Contact Center Anywhere is recognized for its real-time adaptability to changing needs. It allows demand-driven business processes to be modified on-the-fly, enabling companies to immediately optimize resources and application performance.