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Want a fast and easy  solution that delivers uncompromising performance? Cloud Contact Center software delivers more than 700+ features, advanced capabilities, true omnichannel communications, integrations to more than an industry leading 40 CRMs, messenger BOTs, SMS, workforce management and social media services.

Price Sheet:  Price ranges from $70-$140 per agent per month depending on number of agents and selected features.

700+ Call Center Features

Bright Pattern provides an integrated stack for managing all customer communications in your environment:

  • Predictive Dialer, Routing, Reporting, Recording, Quality Management, Coaching, and Surveys. All-in-One Contact Center Solution!
  • 42+ Out-of-the-box CRM, WFM, Google Calendar, Social Media integrations and cloud APIs.
  • Built-in Knowledge Base, Calendaring, and Reminders.
  • Choice of cloud infrastructure and telecom providers.

Simplified Multichannel

The heart of Bright Pattern’s software is a powerful multichannel engine. It was designed for omnichannel interactions across any combination of voice, video, and digital channels:

  • Inbound, Outbound, and IVR for voice and video.
  • Support for all digital channels including Email, Chat, Social, Mobile In-App, and Messaging.
  • Seamless channel switching and escalation.
  • Monitoring, Reporting, and Quality Management consistent across channels.

Unified Agent Desktop to Maximize Agent Efficiency

A central function of Bright Pattern is its unified agent desktop. Bright Pattern’s solution is built to bring all the information needed to handle interactions and boost agent productivity to their fingertips:

  • A unified experience across all channels.
  • Instant access to features, customer context, and knowledge.
  • No “alt-tabbing”, window switching, or long page scrolling.
  • Pure web-based  application accessible from any location, using any browser.

Easy Launch and Maintenance

Bright Pattern’s industry experts have developed a cloud call center methodology to fast track your setup. Furthermore, the application was created for Call Center Managers with limited or even no IT support:

  • Go live in 2-10 days including out-of-the-box CRM Integrations.
  • Future-proof with ongoing access to new features and innovations through a monthly release cycle.
  • Set-up workflows and modify your configuration without IT support. Check our documentation online!
  • Non-disruptive maintenance and upgrades on the fly.

Any Cloud

Our cloud software provides you a unique breadth of hosting options:


  • Subscribe to our cloud service
  • Sign up with Aspect Software, Hitachi Systems, or any of our 26 partners around the world
  • Run our software privately in-house
  • Or host it in Amazon, Azure, Rackspace, and more

Why Wait?

We are happy to answer questions and discuss specific workflows and requirements on a live presentation online, or set up a pilot project to trial

the solution without paying any license fees