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Contact Center Performance Management

With Impact 360’s built-in performance management functionality, you can track and analyze the performance of individuals, groups, and your organization as a whole.

The Impact 360 Workforce Optimization, Workforce Management, and Quality Monitoring solution packages come with built-in performance management functionality that enables you to track and analyze the performance of individuals, groups, and your contact center as a whole. Role-appropriate scorecards and an extensive set of predefined key performance indicators (KPIs) — along with the ability to create your own — help all levels of the organization see how they’re performing against their goals. You can:

       Measure performance to identify employee strengths and weaknesses.
       Use scorecard results to trigger targeted eLearning automatically.
       Refine your forecasts and performance goals based on the valuable data collected.

With Impact 360, contact centers and other areas of the organization can do far more than merely measure agent/employee performance. The solution provides a closed-loop system to help enterprises define, determine, and develop key performance indicators that are meaningful to their business, as well as the processes, staffing requirements, and employee skills necessary to achieve these goals.

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