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September 05, 2016

Call Center Software Companies Note: 5 Top Features for Salesforce Sales Cloud Winter '17 Release

Call Center Software Companies Note - Summer is not quite over (yet!) but Salesforce staff is already getting excited about our Sales Cloud Winter '17 Release! And let's not forget that we are only weeks away from our biggest tech event of the year, Dreamforce, where we will have even more big announcements to share with you including our new AI product called Einstein (recently featured in Forbes' Most Innovative Companies issue). For all those sales professionals lucky enough to be going to Dreamforce, here are some tips on what to block into your schedule during the show:

  • Empower Your Sales Teams at Dreamforce

  • Dreamforce Sales Summit '16 - Tues 4 Oct

  • Dreamforce for Sales: Win Every Deal #RoadToDF16

But for now, hold onto your seats and read about the 5 top features of our Sales Cloud Winter '17 Release that harness the power of Lightning:

  1. 1. Predictive Lead Scoring
  2. Now you can take your company's (including companies with call center software) data and put it to work for you. Predictive lead scoring tells each rep where their valuable time will yield the best results by taking lead characteristics and historical information from industries and titles to time to conversion metrics. It takes the guesswork out of lead nurturing so you create the best opportunities every time.

  3. 2. Salesforce Engage in Lightning
  4. Sales reps can send and track marketing curated emails to a list of prospects all within the Lightning experience. Reps not only get real time alerts on prospect activity but are able to use Engage reports to access rich data visualization and custom dashboards for key metrics. And the best part of Engage is that reps have access to all the marketing insights and tools they need to close deals faster no matter where they are working.

  5. 3. Quotes, Contracts & Campaign Influence in Lightning
  6. All of the stages of your company's sales cycle can now be managed in the Lightning experience so that your reps (including those with call center software ) can sell faster than ever before with tools tailored to your business.

  7. 4. Kanban on Leads, Campaigns & Contracts
  8. The Kanban 'drag and drop' approach is available to more objects. Now you can update your leads, campaigns and contracts with just one click. Advance your stage and see your totals roll up automatically. Simple, easy, smarter, faster.

  9. 5. Wave for B2B Marketing
  10. Advance analytics for the data driven marketer is now here! Consolidate your marketing and sales data in one place by providing out of the box dashboards to instantly view and report on key metrics. You can deep dive into your data and create different lenses to analyse how your campaigns are performing and where they can be improved. But it's not just about the data, now you can take action directly from within the App sharing insights and tasks to improve your teams effectiveness.