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August 18, 2016

Attention All Companies with Call Center Software - Extend your Zoho experience

People in different business teams talk to each other; should the products they use not do the same?

We know how important it is to bridge the information gap between different products and consolidate business data in one place (Should be noted by all, including companies using call center software).

That's why we created Zoho Marketplace, the platform where you can access and integrate with your favorite third-party applications that make your daily business operations a breeze.

With the Extensions available in the Marketplace, users will now be able to:

  • Sync their marketing campaigns (Mail Chimp, SMS Magic, message 360)

  • Integrate survey data (SurveyMonkey).

  • Get relevant customer support information(Zendesk).

  • Sync online ticketing information (Evenbrite).

  • Generate (WebMerge), store (Box, Google Drive) and sign(SignEasy, DocuSign) their documents.

Zoho CRM is now ready to handle all aspects of your business data-customer support, marketing, finance, analytics, and more-all from one CRM account. Great for companies using call center software to know about.

Zoho Marketplace hosts both free and paid Extensions for Enterprise, CRM Plus and Ultimate Editions of Zoho CRM. There are no usage fees, download charges, or commissions attached to the Marketplace. Users only pay for the extensions they buy and for any credit card and VAT charges.

Zoho Marketplace also hosts a number of SalesIQ integrations that you can install, including Facebook, Shopify, OpenCart, and Google Analytics. You can also find custom applications built using Zoho Creator for a range of individualized needs like event management, logistics management, and IT asset tracking, all in the Marketplace.

You can ask questions about current extensions and even share your thoughts about what new extensions you'd like to see for Zoho CRM, SalesIQ, and Creator in our dedicated forum.

Go ahead, see what's on the market.