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Call Center Software On Demand


Telemarketing & Lead Generation
With Oracle’s Contact Center Anywhere virtual call center software with integrated predictive and preview dialer, you will immediately improve your telemarketing contact rate. Improved contact rates will lower the cost per lead and improve overall telemarketer efficiency.  Integration with CRM and lead generation software is included with the hosted turnkey platform to lower lead cost and improve efficiency.  The Oracle Contact Center Anywhere software is available in a hosted or customer premise deployment.

  • Increase calls and customer acquisition in less time
  • Lower cost per lead
  • Grow revenues
  • Add telemarketing agents either in office or at home
  • Web forms that link to Contact Center Anywhere and CRM applications
  • Answer machine, fax machine and no answer detection
  • Call back and scheduling

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Inbound Sales
Oracle's Contact Center Anywhere blended software solution routes calls based on skills to the right agent in real time. Calls and contact are distributed to agents by any number of business rules including but not limited to ‘by language, by geographic location, by time of day, by skill, by product type, by call wrap up efficiencies and many more." Convert each chat, email, fax, inbound call to a "sale" opportunity.

  • View call detail and transaction history.
  • View call completion and wrap up metrics.
  • Agents can work in office or at home
  • Use Promero's low long distance rates or bring in your own carrier

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Customized Online Training Curriculums
With ProStar Online Training, Promero instructors will customize any training program needed to assist the call center owner grow and retain qualified agents.

  • Customized training
  • Online views available 24/7
  • New employee prescreening
  • New product training
  • Business process training rack sales opportunities through the entire sales process

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Dealer Locator and Call Routing
With ProStar Smart8 intelligent call routing software, customers can easily find the closest business location or dealer.  Smart8 is hosted by Promero.

  • Find dealer location by zip code or area code
  • Round robin inbound calls to multiple dealers in same area
  • Route calls by time of day for after hours call flow